Ribbed Wonder: An Easy Crochet Hat

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Behold: The Ribbed Wonder.  Get ready because this easy crochet hat pattern is about to change your crochet life.  It just might be your next go-to crochet hat pattern!

Gold color crochet hat with turned up brim

Here’s what I love about this easy crochet hat.  It’s easy.  I know. I said that already. But I’m saying it again because it’s hard to believe that something this adorable, useful and warm could be so easy to make!

It’s a great project for beginners but a more experienced crocheter will love it too.

You need to know how to chain, slip stitch and how to make a half double crochet. The rest is just stitch placement and simple seaming.  PRESTO!  Your next favorite free crochet pattern.  It is the perfect first project for a crochet beginner! 

But first.. step into my crochet confessional.  Because I have things to tell you.

First up, let’s talk about the whole concept of a hat made out of a crochet rib stitch pattern.  There is basically two methods for crocheting ribbing:  using post stitches or working in the back loop to create a knit-look ribbing. You’ll find other crochet rib hats out there but I’m hoping this might be your new favorite!

The ribbed wonder uses a half double crochet (instead of the more common double crochet stitch or single crochet rib). I like the looks of half double worked in a rib stitch pattern.

It’s the perfect combination of closely worked stitches for warmth while taking advantage of the bulky weight yarn for a quick project.  

My seaming method is the easiest one out there and cinching the top together is a breeze.  This is the perfect beginner project!

Second, what does “working in the back loop mean”.  If you’ve read my Parts of a Stitch post you know that if you’ve just crocheted a stitch, the top of the stitch makes a “V’ and the back loop is the back of the “V” shape.

When you are working in the round, this is so easy to spot.  You work in the back loop and as you go, the front loop pops out.  BUT when you are working back and forth in row and CONTINUING to work in the back loop, this looks a little different.

What you need to remember is that working in the back loop REALLY means to identify the top of the stitch and THEN work in the top loop that is FURTHEREST from you as the work is facing you.  When you turn your work, the current back loop is really the front loop from the row before.  Does that make sense?

I’ve been crocheting for decades.  And I SERIOUSLY did NOT grasp this concept until recently.  Maybe some of you are not “getting” this either and hopefully this bit of explanation has helped.

Crochet Ribbing Stitch

For this easy crochet hat, you start with a foundation chain and then you will be making half double crochet stitches into the back loop on every row.  The back loop is the loop furtherest from you.  So when you work into the loop, you are sort of pushing a rib towards you and working ever so slightly behind where you’d normally work.

If you are working this hat and it does not seem to be forming ridges like the photos, re-think where you are putting your hook and make sure you are working into the correct spot.

tan crochet hat on an angle

Best Yarn for Chunky Beanies

I absolutely love this crochet hat in one of my favorite yarns: Lion Brand Color Made Easy.  It is a chunky yarn that works up quickly.  Perfect for fast, cozy projects!

Color Made Easy is a chunky weight 5 on S plied acrylic yarn.  It’s a joy to work with.  However if you can’t find it, you might want to try a different chunky weight yarn that works up similarly.

Here are some other ideas:

Rust color ribbed crochet hat

This is the same crochet hat worked in Lion Brand’s Hue + Me.  Hue + Me is a lovely chunky wool blend made in the style and vision of Two of Wands creator Alexi Tavel.  It works up warm and cozy and the neutral color tones in this line all go together perfectly. I’m using Color #134 Spicy and it’s a lovely rust color.

Hue + Me can be found in local yarn stores and a skein easily makes one crochet hat! My husband wants me to hurry up already with this post so he can put on this cozy rusty colored number.  So let’s move on with a crochet hat perfect for me!

Blue ribbed crochet hat

If you’re looking for a yarn with a similar hand feel as Color Made Easy, you might want to try Scheepjes Chunky Monkey.  

Technically Chunky Monkey is an Aran Weight yarn which would put it in a different yarn category.  However, it crochets up perfectly with the same size hook.  I chose color #1302 Air Force Blue which will look amazing with my winter coat!

I would say Chunky Monkey yarn is slightly less thick and has a little more body than Color Made Easy.  But if you’re looking for a similar look and feel, this is my favorite.  I used every bit of a whole skein for this yarn with about 2-3 feet of yarn left over.

No one likes to run out of yarn at the end, so if you’re concerned about running out, you might want to pick up an extra skein.  Alternatively you could start with one less chain and that would probably work too.

Can I just say one more time, how much I love that even a beginner crocheter can use basic crochet stitches to make a new hat for the holiday season, her next hiking trip, or just walking the dog!

print & stitch

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Ribbed Wonder: Easy Crochet Hat

Here is what you will need:


Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet AbbreviationsUS to UK Crochet Conversion Chart.  Find links to stitches on the “Tutorial” menu: Getting Started will show basic stitches used in many patterns including single crochet stitches, chain stitches, half double crochet stitch and the slip stitch used in this crochet pattern.

Our Crochet Stitch Dictionary shows our growing collection of crochet stitch tutorials.  I really like to use the invisible seamless join when finishing pieces that get sewn together.

dark gold crochet hat

Crochet Hat Size:

Fits an adult size head that is 21″ – 23″ around.  Finished hat is approximately 20″ around by 13″ tall before folding over the cuffed edge.  Scroll down for resizing directions for smaller sizes!

Ribbed Crochet Hat:

This crochet beanie is worked in rows of half double crochet and then seamed into a tube at the end.  Then one end is cinched together to form the top..  Starting with row 2, the crochet stitches are worked in the back loop only–which means the stitch furthest from you as you are working the current row.

Chain 37

R1: Hdc in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across row (35 st)

R2-30:  ch 2 (does not count as a stitch), hdc in the back loop across row (35 st).

At the end of row 30, the hat is a rectangle of ribbed crochet that measures approximately 13″ wide by 20″ tall.

Note that in the photo below, I’ve rotated the work so that the rectangle is positioned as it will be when the crochet hat is complete.  The crochet hook is positioned after finishing the last row of crochet stitches in preparation for the seaming the crochet hat.

Rectangle of crochet ribbing with pink crochet hook

Now for the finishing touches for our chunky crochet winter hat pattern!

How to Seam the Hat:

Chain 1 and turn work.  Take the bottom of work and fold up so that the starting edge is on top of the row to be worked.

The seam is worked by slip stitching the two ends together as follows:  Insert crochet hook into starting chain and then into the back loop of the next stitch to be worked.  Slip stitch together.

Continue to slip stitch both ends together across row, making sure to work the slip stitches loosely and not too tight so that the hat remains stretchy.  Note that this is the WRONG side of the work.

crochet fabric with crochet hook inserted into a stitch

At the end of the row, cut yarn (leaving a long strand for cinching the top) and fasten off.

sewing needle sewing up a crochet hat

Now the work is in a tube with the wrong side facing out.  Rotate work and thread the fastened off yarn end on to a yarn needle.  Work a running stitch with the yarn around the open end to gather the top.

Pull yarn tight and tie a knot to secure.  The end from the start of the project should be there too and you can tie those 2 ends together too into a knot.

There will still be a small hole at the top, so continue to use the threaded yarn needle to make stitches to close up the hole.  When done, knot the yarn again and then weave in all the ends.

Turn the hat right side out and fold up the brim.  Or skip the fold up brim for a slouchy hat look instead! Put the cozy bit of goodness on your head and marvel at your amazingness!  

A perfect winter hat for cold days!

Need a different hat size? Keep reading to learn how to adapt this to fit a toddler or child!

More Free Patterns for Crochet Hats

If you love the Ribbed Wonder Easy Crochet Hat pattern, you might also like to check out these other crochet hat patterns:

Crochet Hat Pattern Variations:

This hat is very stretchy and accommodates a variety of adult head sizes.  The hat height can be changed a bit depending on how you fold over the bottom edge or skip the fold up brim altogether for a slouchy hat look.

However, you might like to make the hat smaller for a toddler or child.  To do so, you will need a smaller rectangle.  Here are some suggestions so you can get to crochet hats for everyone:

Toddler Ribbed Wonder:

To make this easy crochet hat to fit a toddler’s head (head size of 18-20″), start with a chain of 28.  Each row will have 26 stitches.  Work 26 rows.  Finished rectangle will be approximately 10″ wide by 17.25″ long. 

Proceed to the seaming and finishing instructions to complete hat.

Child Ribbed Wonder:

To fit a child’s head (head size of 19-21″), start with a chain of 32.  Each row will have 30 stitches.  Work 28 rows.  Finished rectangle will be approximately 11″ wide by 18″ long.  Proceed to the seaming and finishing instructions to complete hat.

Frequently Asked Crochet Hat Questions:

This is such a fun crochet pattern for beginners to make that many of my readers have asked some great questions about crochet hats.

How Do You Attach A Pom Pom?  Attaching a pom pom is really fun addition to this hat!  I like a yarn pom pom with this style of hat, but you can also sew a fur pom pom or crochet a faux fur pom pom if you’d like.

I like to sew fur pom pom’s on the top of my simple beanie with a sewing needle and thread.  If I make a yarn pom pom, I use the leftover ends to sew to the top of the hat, making sure it is knotted off nice and tight on the inside.

Can This Beanie Pattern Be Made Using 4 Weight Yarn Instead of a 5?  This crochet hat pattern is easily adapted to other yarn weights, such as worsted weight yarn or super bulky weight if you can’t find or don’t want to use bulky yarn. Simply crochet a rectangle the same size as the desired size.  

When using a smaller weight yarn, this means you will need to have more stitches in the row and more rows. You might also need to buy an extra skein of yarn.

To determine the correct number of stitches to start, make a small gauge swatch of several rows, using the yarn and hook you desire.  Then measure and count the stitches to calculate the  number chains you need to start.  Here’s a great post on how to calculate gauge.

Is There a Right and Wrong Side For This Hat?  Technically, the simple rectangle is reversible.  However, once the rectangle is slip stitched together, THAT side becomes the wrong side.  It’s a good idea to be mindful of the right and wrong side when cinching the top of the hat for the nicest finish.

Can You Adjust the Hat to be Smaller?  Yes, this crochet hat pattern is really forgiving.  It is very stretchy and can fit a variety of head sizes.  However, you can use a smaller hook size with the same instructions to get a slightly smaller hat.  

You can make a different rectangle size as mentioned above to make a Toddler or Child size beanie. And this basic beanie is a unisex beanie pattern perfect for a beginner crocheter and experienced crocheters alike.

Explore More Crochet Patterns

Do you love crochet as much as I do? I think you’re going to love these other fun crochet patterns:

If you’re looking for a little complete beginner crochet amigurumi kit you might enjoy my Woobles review too! So fun!

I love seeing your finished projects!  If you enjoyed making the Ribbed Wonder Easy Crochet Hat,  I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @crochet365knittoo.  If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Crochet 365 Knit Too Facebook page or pop over to the Crochet365KnitToo Club and share a photo!  I’d love to see your work!

Ribbed Wonder Easy Crochet Hat image

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  1. Thank you so very much for this pattern. I saw this hat somewhere and had to find instructions . This hat is just for me. And I plan to make it in colors to match my jackets or coat. It looks easier than knitting.

  2. I am looking for some quick hat patterns for donations. Do you have any suggestions for using #4 weight yarn so this could be a stash-buster project? Thanks!

  3. I am a little confused on directions for joining. The latter reads to take bottom and join to top to form tube but that does not line up the ribbing correctly. Shouldn’t it read to join both sides?

    1. When you are crocheting you are actually working vertically as the hat will eventually sit on the head (instead of around horizontally like most crochet hat patterns). So when it’s time to join into a tube, you are actually joining the first row with the last row. This seam will run the same direction as the ‘ribs’ on the hat. I hope that makes more sense.

      1. I’m still struggling with getting the seam to line up. I’m always one or two stitches short. Is there a YouTube video to show the joining?

        1. I don’t have a video on this. My best suggestion is to put the two sides together and use a stitch marker to connect the very the stitches on each end before you even start seaming. That should help you not lose your place.

  4. I feel like this is going to have big holes in it even with a bulky yarn which would make it less warm. Did you find that this was the case once it stretched around a head ?

    1. I found it to be a really cozy hat using the yarn indicated in the pattern. But.. we all have different needs as far as warmth and cozy goes. If you don’t like how it’s working out for you, you could experiment with different yarn and hook sizes, adding chains and rows to end up with the final rectangle measurement.

  5. Love your beanie designs but want a brim or a turned up hem like your Ribbed Wonder.. Do you have any patterns that combine the two?

    1. Your best bet is to just extend the rows of the ribbing on one of my hat patterns to achieve the fold over hem. I always suggest joining my newsletter. If I make such a hat in the future, my readers hear about it first. You can also browse the free patterns area to find other great makes!

  6. I love this pattern! I just inherited a ton of my late mother in laws yarn and have been crocheting hats, mittens, and scarves to donate to local shelters. I love patterns that are fast and easy with beautiful results!

      1. I have not worked out the pattern in a worsted weight yarn. If you’d like to try that, you would just add enough stitches and rows to end up with a rectangle the same dimensions as in the pattern and then sew it up the same way.

  7. I have made almost 200 hats using a variant of this pattern just since August (It’s now December) to be given out to homeless people and also kids at a school where a friend works. I used to make hats “in the round” but this is easier and produces a warmer hat.

  8. Hi, I have not crocheted for years. So loved the pattern. However, my brim row is a bit uneven and not as finished looking as yours. Can I do a single crochet around the brim edge to make it look alittle more finished?


    1. The great thing about crochet is that you can take as much or as little from the pattern as you want! Put your own spin on it if you will. 😉 I hope it turns out well! Happy crocheting!

    2. I’d like to know that too it’s bumpy around the edge to fold up Not quite sure how to finish that edge that you fold up.

      1. The pattern as written doesn’t have an extra edge. If you follow the pattern, your hat will look like the completed hat photos. Hope that helps!

  9. i just love the design of ribs that your pattern creates! I have beee looking for slouchie hats to crochet & most of them don’t have a good pattern. Is it possible to create a slouchie hat based on your design by just adding more rows?

  10. You are so amazing girl! I have been crocheting since i was 10yrs and 60+ yrs later I am learning new ideas & stitches thanks ever so much!
    I hope to use them soon

    1. I’m so glad you like all the makes on my site! It is so fun to learn new things! It keeps our crochet exciting, I think!

  11. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! I have alopecia and am constantly looking for good hats for myself…. this one is the golden ticket! Easy, adaptable and quick. I added a pom on the top and is perfect for these cold days in Scotland. I will adapt it to be able to wear in spring and fall as well. I have been crocheting/knitting since I was young and am now 71, but am still learning, thanks for your tutorials – they are great!!!! Thank you xx

  12. I made the ribbed hat for my 5 grand kids for Christmas. They loved them!. Put them on and wore them the rest of the day in the house. Made one striped which made one grandson feel extra special because he was the only one who got a striped hat. Don’t have the heart to tell him it was because I didn’t have enough yarn to make it one color!

  13. Nice easy pattern to follow, made up in a couple of days.
    I’m fairly new to crochet, so this was a good first project.
    Just contemplating putting a pom pom on.
    Thank you so much

  14. I made this hat last year using Color Made Easy – Shade for a person who cannot find hats large enough. He wanted another this year in a different color, but alas! that yarn has been discontinued. So I used Lion Brand Hue & Me to get a color he liked, but that yarn really works up differently, even though both yarns are #5. It’s not as stretchy and it makes a very heavy fabric in half double crochet. That said, your pattern is versatile enough to make a very nice warm hat. I expect to be asked to make another next year, he likes them so much!

    1. It definitely is disappointing when a yarn is discontinued! Since Color Made Easy is a #5 yarn, it’s best to substitute with another #5 yarn, as you noted. The final rectangle (before sewing) should be 13″ wide by 20″ tall when you complete the crocheting. So if you want to substitute another yarn, make sure that it working up to that size, ending with an even number row. The easiest way to do this is to make a best guess on the number of chains to achieve the 13″ width. Then work a few rows and measure to be sure it’s 13″ wide, adjusting as necessary. Then simply crochet enough rows to get to 20″ tall, ending on an even number row. Then sew up and finish the hat as described. The hat is stretchy and will accommodate ‘not perfect’ measurements or gauge. It definitely is a fun hat to make!

  15. Somewhere i missed the size of the hook. I assumed it was a normal size 4 or 5.
    So i have now a children size beanie….
    Do you have suggestions for hook(and yarn) size 4??
    I would love to try this again.

    1. You can easily substitute yarn. Simply work until your rectangle is the same as the desired size–this is best done by working a small sample to get gauge and then calculating the numbers of chain to start with.

  16. Love this pattern! I made it shorter, without a brim, as my friend said it made his ears too hot, and that looks great too! Very versatile pattern, thank you!

  17. Love the pattern…I’ve done a few ribbed beanies in the past..yours is so much easier, as I can never remember how many chains for each size. Thank you.
    PS…LOL at FURTHEREST..when describing BLO!!

  18. i love this pattern so so much but it came out much to small!! it’s my fault though, i used worsted weight yarn instead of chunky, so i’ll use it next time. i’m going to donate this one!

    1. Yes yarn size will definitely affect the finished hat! If you look at the dimensions of the completed rectangle (before seaming together) you could do some math and make another size yarn and hook work. Hope that helps!

  19. Hi!
    I absolutely LOVE the look of this hat!! I’m expecting in a few months and wondering a couple things:
    A) Is this pattern adaptable for newborn/baby size? How would I do that? Smaller hook? un-chunky yarn? Less stitches in the initial chain?
    B) Do you have a video of how you seam the hat? I’m not sure I understand your instructions and I’ve only ever made hats by starting with a magic circle and working down from there.
    Thank you so much!

    1. I don’t have the pattern sized to a newborn size. You would need to decide on the appropriate size rectangle and then make adjustments to your chain and the number of rows to fit. Unfortunately, I do not do many videos at all, so there is no video for the seam. I’d suggest zooming in on the photos or even asking in our Crochet 365k Knit Too club on Facebook for help if you still are having trouble.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this fast and easy hat. I have made 6 to donate to a community initiative for the homeless in our city. So easy to adapt to different weights of yarns. Now my husband wants one!

  21. I’m just about ready to join top and bottom and have never done this before. I’m not sure how this is going to turn into a hat. Can you be a bit more specific please?

    1. That hat is worked in a rectangle. You join the first row to the last row and that makes a seam that goes from top to bottom on the back of the hat (in other words, the rectangle gets rotated). Then you’ll cinch up one end to form the top. Hope that helps!

  22. How can I enlarge my mistake. I made it 9 inches x 20inches. I need to add 4 inches. What to do.can I add something to the bottom edge.😭

    1. Honestly, this pattern is so easy, I probably would rip it out and start over. The only other suggestion I have is to make a new piece for that 4″ section, then sew it in the appropriate spot and try to “hide” the seam under the cuff area. But I know me.. and I wouldn’t be happy with the result. You could try posting in our Facebook Group and see if others have different suggestions.