Income Reports

‘Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’ A beautiful sentiment.. but can it really be true?  Can you do something you love.. something creative like crochet and actually make real money doing it?Crochet Blog Income Reports

I’m here to tell you YES. YOU. CAN.

I periodically publish income reports to show the possiblity of making a living doing what you love. I love that anyone with an ambitious heart can do this.  It reminds me of the pioneers heading west for opportunity .. it really IS available to anyone!

Whether you’re looking for a little extra cash for date night or you dream of replacing your full time income, you can make it happen with a little bit of hard work and creative spirit.

My income reports are a bit sporadic but hopefully still provide inspiration.  Originally my plan was to publish income reports all through 2019.. from the lower income months at the beginning of the year straight through the crazy ride of the high paying fall crochet season. My goal for that didn’t happen. Juggling exponential blog growth along with a long commute to my full time day job meant something had to give in life. And I decided that crocheting and connecting with my audience took top priority during this time.

I now blog from home as my full time job and it makes me so happy.  I wake up when I’m ready, well rested.  I let my dogs out and take my morning coffee to my beautiful dedicated blog/craft room where I work until my husband rises.  Then I take a break for a few hours to walk our dogs on our country property, have a meal I make myself–completely un-rushed, maybe do a few household chores. Then I go back to work for a bit. Or maybe I don’t.  Because I’m the boss and I can do what I want!

You might notice that crochet isn’t mentioned in my ‘work’ and that’s because throughout this entire crochet business journey, crochet has remained a joy.  It’s something I do mostly in the evenings or on the weekends–just like most of my readers.  It calms me and gives me joy in life.  And that’s the best feeling of all!

So here’s my sporadic lists of income reports, listed with the most recent first.  I hope you find them helpful and encouraging in some way.  And who knows… maybe they will inspire YOU to follow YOUR dreams!

September 2020 Income Report

April 2019 Income Report

March 2019 Income Report

February 2019 Income Report

January 2019 Income Report