Crochet Stitch Heights

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Graphic of labeled crochet stitches in blue yarnNow that you’ve learned a few stitches, let’s take a look at crochet stitch heights.  As you might remember, a double crochet requires one yarn over before inserting the hook into the next stitch.  Each of the next stitches get progressively taller.  They are worked by wrapping the yarn around the hook one more time than the previous stitch before inserting the hook. So a treble crochet wraps the yarn 2 times around the hook before inserting.

As you learn to crochet you will use a variety of stitch heights to make shapes and also to form design elements in your crochet!  I’m so excited with all that you’ve learned so far!  I hope this stitch height guide was helpful!

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Graphic of labeled crochet stitches in blue yarn

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  1. Do you realize that in 53 years, not ONCE have I ever seen a pattern using anything taller than a Triple Crochet? Could you design something for us? [Just please nit Bulkt or Super Bulky. I just cannot work with thick yarn.] I do fine with thread and tiny Steel Hooks. I’ve used as small as a size 12.!

    1. I think I’ve only seen a bigger-than-triple crochet stitch a few times..and I can’t even remember where. I’m not a big fan of taller stitches because they have lots of gap around them…so I’m not sure I’ll be designing with them. But I still thought it was important to teach people HOW they are done in case they come across them!

      1. Cheryl you did an absolute amazing job of defining all those wonderful stitches I have nt looked yet but I hope I can pin them in Pinterest. I love the plaid pumpkin and all that you ve done is amazing