Crochet Ornament: Stunning Vintage Vibe

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This crochet ornament just might be the crown jewel of the Christmas tree. A little bit vintage. A bit sassy. And way too much fun to crochet!

crochet ornaments in jewel tone purple, pink and gold yarn.

Christmas at my grandma’s was the most fun of all. Better than Christmas morning. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart skip a beat as I just FEEL all the excitement of that childhood version of myself, oh so long ago.

Back when it wasn’t so easy to see grandparents who lived far away, going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house was a great adventure! The trip was always made a week or two before Christmas. Often on snowy, cold days when we weren’t quite sure the car would make the trip… but we went anyway! My sisters and I would sing and play games in the car on the way so excited for what awaited!

And when we arrived! Oh, what a treat! Before the car was even parked in the drive, Grandma had the door flung wide open to greet us with her big boisterous smile. Dad would holler at us to wait for the car to fully stop before opening the doors.

But we never listened. Car doors flung open hard, coats awry and unzipped, we ran just as fast as we could up the porch steps and into the biggest warm hug you can imagine. And the best words of all: “Grandma is SO happy to see you, girls!”

crochet ornament in jewel tone purple, pink and gold yarn.

In we went to all the smells that meant Grandma’s house, warm dinner. Baked goods. All the usual Christmas decor and holiday decorations. The paper Santa with the legs and arms that moved when you pulled a little string. The many wrapped gifts.

And the tree. Oh, the Christmas tree. Little goodies hung here and there. All the crochet Christmas decorations. The candy canes. Chocolates. Little tree ornaments that grandma made that particular year… and all these things would come off the tree as the weekend progressed. Candy would be eaten. The cute little ornament you spied might be given to you at a special moment.

There was always just enough to enjoy, savor, and share. Warm and cozy. Love and full bellies.


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For whatever reason, these lovely crochet ornaments remind me of grandma. They remind me of how she always made every single moment one to be savored. How she loved each one of us with a deep, gut-wrenching fierceness that we felt to our bones.

She really never did things halfway. She was always out there, living life on her own terms. And maybe that’s why these adorable crochet ornaments remind me so much of her. Bold. Beautiful. Simple in a way and yet stunning too. Full of love and life in a year when we really need it the most.

I miss that lady like nobody’s business.

What I wouldn’t give to run up those porch steps again to that big squishy grandma hug. But maybe.. just maybe.. she’s looking down and seeing her granddaughter… I can see her shaking her head wondering what in the world all the tears are for, but I think she might like what I’ve created here, in my corner of the world. All the bits of color and string, looped and chained into beautiful things that pass along smiles to so many. It’s not a bad legacy to pass on really.

And so, grab some colors that remind you of all the good in the world, and let’s work on this crochet ornament pattern!

Christmas Ornament Construction Details

You might notice this looks a bit like the Kaleidoscope Coasters and the Mandala flower. And you would be right! This is a bit of a variation. Just a few small changes to make this cute ornament crochet pattern!

I used cotton worsted weight yarn by Lion Brand. This yarn is on the lighter side of worsted weight, so if you substitute another cotton worsted weight yarn you might find that the crochet Christmas ornament comes out a bit bigger. You can also substitute a non-cotton worsted weight yarn if you desire.

The metal topper is from a purchased Christmas ornament. I used the piece from a clear plastic craft ornament from the fabric store. But you could repurpose an old ornament you already have. Or omit the metal bit altogether and chain a lovely loop to hang your beautiful crochet ornament from your tree!

This pattern also does not require a lot of yarn, so it’s the perfect fun project to use your leftover yarn on. Then, without having to buy many more items, you’ll end up with a beautiful decoration that you can enjoy year after year.

Vintage Vibe Crochet Ornament

Here is what you will need for this crochet project:

Skill Level

The skill level required for this special ornament is advanced beginner. You’ll have to make sure you have some confidence in your crochet techniques when it comes to making this adorable crochet tree ornament.

If you are looking for an ornament that is more beginner-friendly, you may want to try this crochet star pattern which would make a stunning star ornament or look beautiful on gift tags.

Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet Abbreviations, US to UK Crochet Conversion Chart. Find links to stitches on the “Tutorial” menu: Getting Started will show basic crochet stitches such as the single crochet stitches, double crochet, slip stitch, and chain stitch used in this free crochet pattern as well as other basic stitches such as the hdc, single crochet, and treble crochet stitch. You might also find the tutorial on how to crochet post stitches helpful. The Crochet Stitch Dictionary shows our growing collection of crochet stitch tutorials.

The finished ornament is approximately 3-1/8 inches tall (in diameter, excluding the hanger).

Crochet Christmas Ornament

Each Ornament uses 4 colors:  Color A, B, C, D

Side One of Ornament:

With color A, Make a Magic Ring.

R1: ch 2 (does NOT count as hdc), work 12 hdc in ring.  Join with slip stitch to top of 1st hdc.  Fasten off color A.  Fasten off color A.

R2:  With color B, join to any stitch, ch 3 (counts as dc), dc in same stitch, 2dc in each stitch around.  Fasten off color B.  (24 st)

The next round is worked in the spaces between the 2 dc in the previous row.

R3:  With color C and using a standing stitch, work *2hdc, ch 1 into first space, skip next 2 st, repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch to top of first hdc.  Fasten off color C.

R4:  With Color D, join with a slip stitch to the first stitch in previous round.  Ch 1, sc in same st as joining, sc in next st, work a dc front post stitch around the next stitch in row 2, *sc in next 2 st, work a dc front post stitch around next stitch in row 2.  Repeat from * around.  Fasten off.  (36 st) If you are unsure how to make a post stitch, see the tutorial here:

R5:  With Color A, ch 1 and sc around.  Fasten off color A.

R6:  With Color B, ch 1 and sc around. Fasten off color B, leaving long strand for sewing.

Side Two of Ornament:

Make as for first side through row 5 (do NOT crochet row 6).

crochet ornaments in jewel tone purple, pink and gold yarn.

Finishing The Crochet Ornament

Sew two halves together using the long strand from row 6 (Color B), pausing to carefully stuff as you go, to keep the ornament shape flat and circular.

Take metal loop portion off of a purchased ornament.  Observe the construction of the metal loop.  The metal wire that holds the loop into the ornament works by applying pressure to squeeze close and then when it releases into the ornament it expands and holds in place.  When the metal piece is removed from the purchased ornament, squeeze it partially closed and wiggle it in between the stitches on the top of the ornament.  When it is in place, let go and the wires will expand and dig into the stuffing, holding it in place on top of the ornament.

You may add a small amount of glue if the metal feels too loose on the ornament.  Or alternatively, omit the metal portion altogether and crochet a chain loop instead for hanging. Now, you have a beautiful piece you’ll cherish forever.

Christmas Ornament Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a typical crocheted ornament? Christmas ornaments can vary a bit in size with the most common size being between 3-4 inches tall. It really is a personal preference, so you have flexibility with any crochet Christmas ornament endeavor. Remember that changing hook size and yarn weight will affect the finished size.

Can beginners crochet Christmas ornaments? Any small beginner project can certainly lend itself as a Christmas ornament pattern. Just select a free crochet pattern that seems within your skill set and give it a try! Since a Christmas ornament is a small project, it is often easier for a beginner to tackle, even if the stitches and techniques are a bit more advanced.

How do you crochet a Christmas ball? A Christmas ball is just like any crochet ball, such as an amigurumi head. A reimagined adorable ornament that is easy to make. Start with a magic ring, and work 6 sc into the magic ring. Then increase evenly every round by 6 stitches until the diameter is as large as you’d like. Work some even rounds, then decrease 6 stitches every row until only 6 stitches remain. Then use this best Amigurumi finish to close up the ball! Attach a chain stitch loop for hanging and you have a cute crochet bauble, a perfect Christmas tree decoration that only requires basic amigurumi techniques.

What can you crochet for Christmas gifts? I love Christmas gifts that are fun to crochet like crochet hats and wine cozies. But you can really adapt any crochet pattern into a fun and beautiful gift!

How do I organize my crochet gift projects? Great question! The best plan is one that works for you. Sometimes a simple list will suffice and other times it’s nice to have a workbook or journal to track details and progress. If you’d like to plan out every detail, check out this Maker’s Planner for a special binder to track your gift-giving projects.

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making this Vintage Vibe Crochet Ornament Pattern for your holiday decorations I’d love to see yours on Crochet 365 Knit Too Facebook page or pop over to the Crochet365KnitToo Club and share a photo! I’d love to see your work!

crochet ornaments in jewel tone purple, pink and gold yarn.

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  1. Cheryl, these are so beautiful! Loved your post, I got to get a little teary, and laugh, too. Can’t get better than that in this crazy Covid world.

  2. Thank you Cheryl! You made my Christmas. I am going to increase and make it large enough to hang off my bed. I have redecorated my bedroom (still at it) using the colors purple and teal. My bedspread is solid purple. I am going to use cream colored, off white, and pears will be sewn on. Lace on the edges. I believe it may be the prettiest thing I will have made. Thanks again. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.? one of your crochet buddies.

  3. These are adorable. No need to store in special boxes to prevent breakage. A break from sewing projects but need a refresher course in the stitched.

  4. I love these. My grandmother had globe ornaments that looked like this in the middle. they poked in but looked like this. Oh and you can get ornament caps on amazon. currently about $20 for 50 probably won’t get this christmas though.

  5. This brought tears to my eyes as it reminds me of my grandmother, and now me. I hope that my grandkids will feel the same way about me.. I’m the Memere(I’m French) who lives fiercely, Facetimes everyday when possible, bakes and does crafts .. thank you for this pattern.. and the wonderful memories… Debbie