Halloween Crochet Patterns You’ll Go Batty For

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Are you ready to plan your Halloween Crochet Patterns for everyone’s favorite spooktacular time of year? Your crochet hook will be itching to get to work after all these crochet ideas start flowing.

Five Halloween crochet patterns from the round up post.

It’s time to turn on Hocus Pocus and get into the Halloween spirit with these crochet projects!

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). If you’re still perfecting your crochet craft, these Halloween crochet patterns will still be fun p[eices to try.

Crochet Treat Bags

Level up any Halloween costume with crochet bags! These crochet bags are perfect for any trick-or-treater’s candy stash or they work as a cute candy bag.

Mummy treats bag.

Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, must be funny, in a rich Pharaoh’s world. Alright, maybe I listen to too much ABBA. Either way, this mummy trick-or-treat bag is one of my favorite Halloween patterns. Whether you need the perfect candy bowl or a lovely basket for your trick or treater, this pattern will be perfect for you!

A witch, pumpkin, skeleton, and frankenstein's monster treat bag.

Sigoni Macaroni has made a cute little bundle that includes a spooky skeleton, a jack-o-lantern, Frankenstein’s Monster, and a witch! I really love that these patterns feature drawstrings as it makes candy holding much easier. It’s also a perfect bold accessory all Halloween season long.

Pumpkin treat bag.

Does anything scream Halloween as much as a little pumpkin treat bag by Crochet Spot Patterns? If you’re just starting to crochet, this pattern is considered to be relatively easy, so by knowing your basic crochet stitches, you should be good to go! Honestly, it would be a great way to work on your crochet skills before tackling bigger projects this fall.

Halloween Amigurumi

Is there any better time to try a crochet doll pattern than Halloween? There are so many cute patterns to choose from!

Witch amigurumi pattern with a purple dress and purple braids.

A crochet witch might just be a staple Halloween pattern. So of course I had to include my Sami the Witch amigurumi! I mean, just look at the little braids! I still just love how cute this pattern turned out.

Scarecrow amigurumi with orange shirt.

Want a spooky decoration or just a spooky amigurumi pattern? This Sam pattern by Blue Rabbit Toys will be perfect for all your scarecrow needs.

Pink witch gnome with a cauldron and a broom.

Mufficorn really stole my breath away with this super cute gnome! I love that there’s a crochet witch hat, a cauldron crochet pattern, a crochet broom, and an amigurumi spider crochet pattern all wrapped up in one gnome pattern. I personally think the ooze coming out over the cauldron is a lovely touch as well.

Amigurumi bat with foldable wings.

This amigurumi bat pattern by Olya Sam Toys is just so precious! I love the flexibility of the wings that allows all kinds of positioning possibilities!

Crochet Halloween Accessories

If you’re wanting to try some decor patterns then you have come to the right place! Plus, I just had to include a cute little ghost beanie, I mean, just look at it!

Skull pillows, one with orange and black and one with pink and grey.

If you’ve been wanting to try a crochet skull pattern, this Big Skulls Mosaic Pattern by Sixel Home is super cute! The pattern also includes a chart that will help you create throw blankets, placemats, rugs, and clothes in addition to the pillow pattern.

Ghost crochet beanie.

Look at this little beanie! Cozy North Woods has the perfect beanie pattern to keep you warm this Halloween. I really love the crochet ghost pattern and you can honestly make a variety of different color ones for all your friends!

Flattened witch pot holder.

This crochet witch pot holder by The Crafter Life Shop makes me laugh! If you want to add a little comedy to your Halloween essentials, then this pattern is a must. Honestly, you could leave it out all of October as a fun decoration.

Crochet Halloween Cup Cozies

There’s nothing better than a morning cup of coffee when you’re going to be on the go, except maybe a cute cozy to wrap around it.

A witch cat, frankenstein's monster cat, and a candy corn cat cup cozy.

There are three super cute options when it comes to this Halloween cozy pattern designed by Fur Babies CB. The crochet witch really holds a place in my heart, but the candy corn and Frankenstein options are also very adorable. I also really love that they’re all cats.

Cup cozy with a purple background and a bunch of small pumpkins.

I absolutely love the color combination of the purple yarn for the background and the orange yarn for the pumpkins. This super cute little pumpkin cup cozy is by Eclectic Jess Crochet and I truly cannot get over how adorable it is. Honestly, you can’t have enough cozies in your house!

Bat and spider crochet cozy.

I love the spider and bat appliqué pattern on these adorable cozies by Fur Babies CB! Honestly, we all need a little appliqué embellishment once and a while, right?

Crochet Halloween Costumes

Sometimes, you really just want to step out of the box with your Halloween costume, but it’s even better when you get to make it yourself!

Pumpkin crochet mask witch horns.

Need a costume idea? This pumpkin mask by Crochetverse is the perfect level of spooky, especially if you’re just wanting to crochet something a bit smaller when it comes to your costume.

Crochet pumpkin outfits on two toddlers.

This is such a cute crochet pumpkin pattern by Sandy’s Cape Cod Originals. Honestly, dressing your pumpkin as a pumpkin for their first Halloween is just way too cute!

Crochet shawl that looks like wings.

This looks like it would be such a fun project! The Feather Wing Crochet Shawl by Crafty Intentions is the perfect winged costume accessory, especially if you’re looking for something light and comfortable.

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