Crochet Witch Hats That’ll Knock You Off Your Broom

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Nothing quite says fall like a beautiful crochet witch hat! There really are endless options for spicing up your Halloween outfit this year.

Five different crochet witch hats featured in the witch hat round up.

These witch hat crochet patterns are sure to be a fun costume accessory that will knock everyone off their brooms! 

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). It may also be helpful to have some stitch markers on hand as well as some starch if you want your crochet hat to be a bit stiffer.

Remember to measure your head circumference now so that you’ll already know if a pattern will work for you before purchasing. Of course, if you only need it a bit bigger or a bit smaller you can use a different crochet hook than the pattern recommends to give yourself that size difference.

Witch Hat with a cresent moon.

Crochetverse created this stunning witch hat pattern that has a perfect little twist at the top. I also love the pattern variation that turns this witch hat into a Christmas tree. So fun!

fairy garden witch hat with blue and purple mushrooms sticking out from the hat.

Ready to live your best garden witch life? The Twisted Toadstool crochet pattern by The Twisted Hatter gives me so many costume ideas! This is such a cute witch hat and I love that it’s a bit of a twist on what we traditionally see.

Grey and white twisted crochet hat.

If you want to take your witch costumes up a notch, this Whimsical Witch Hat pattern by S Crochet Designs is going to be perfect for you! This pattern ranges from toddler to adult, so every family member can have their very own hat.

Black and purple twisted crochet witch hat with little plastic spiders.

There really is something about purple and black yarn that screams fall, isn’t there? The Witches’ Brew-tiful Hat Pattern by Leesa’s Knotty Corner is so fun and I really love the added decor to change it up a bit.

Black basic crochet witch hat.

If you want to get back to the basics with your witch hat, this pattern by Crochet Spot Patterns comes in five different sizes! I also love the excuse to use some leftover yarn on the buckle and for the pop of color.

Purple basic witch hat with black buckle.

Who doesn’t love a wide-brimmed hat? The Sabrina Hat by Spunky Purl Crochet is the perfect essential costume accessory. This is sized to fit all from a newborn head to an adult head, so you can have a whole coven of witches!

Candy corn witch hat with a floppy brim.

You definitely need a candy corn witch hat. I mean, just look at this beautiful pattern! Crafty Kitty Crochet really outdid herself on this one.

Large, sunflower witch hat with a floppy brim.

Who knew we needed a harvest witch! This super cute Sunflower Witch Hat was created by Crafty Kitty Crochet. I really love the addition of feathers to this pattern as it really steps it up a notch. Also, the floppy brim is just an absolute must-have!

Green hat with an orange splash of color.

There really aren’t enough green witch hats out there!  I love this Garden Fairy Witch Hat by Happy Crochet Lady.

Straw summer-inspired witch hat.

If you’re more into a summer and spring witch theme, then you’ll love this Straw Hat pattern from Fandom Vintage Shop! I personally adore the ribbon around the neck to help keep your hat on. I think it’s just such a fun witch hat I had to share!

Cat witch hat on an orange cat.

Just for fun, I absolutely had to include this cat hat pattern by Pawsome Crochet. I mean, really how could I not? For more fun, check out our crochet cat hat pattern collection.

Witch hat on a black headband.

If you’re more of a headband person, this is a super cute option by Shop Zoe Creates. This is a pretty quick crochet project, so if you’re running low on time, look no further!

Purple witch hat with a pumpkin.

There is so much to love with Chrisette Designs‘ Witch Hat. First of all, it has a stiff brim if that is more to your taste. Second, it has some adorable creatures including a cute little crochet cat and crochet pumpkin. Third, it was made with glowing yarn on the bottom! How cool is that? Now you really won’t lose the members of your group when they’re glowing.

Headband with a witch hat and two little pumpkins.

Another witch headband, but this time, let’s add some pumpkins! This pattern by Thread Tutorial is so stinking cute and it’s perfect for everyday fall wear.

Toadstool inspired witch hat with a variety of mushrooms decorating the hat.

The Bramble Witch pattern by Wolf Bite Fiber Works is the twisted witch hat of any garden witch’s dreams. I really love the mushroom stairs, I think they’re just so fun.

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