Hop Into These Crochet Easter Patterns

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There’s no more perfect time than now to start working on your crochet Easter patterns! Right?

A collage of five crochet patterns, including a Easter bonnet with bunny ears, a crochet gnome with a blue hat and bunny ears, a crochet cupcake with bunny ears, a crochet basket with a bunny that looks like and egg in it, and two crochet wreaths, one that is purple and white, and one that is yellow and blue with amigurumi bunny heads in it.

Whatever crochet projects you’re thinking of taking on this year, I’ve got some great options, no matter your skill level!

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). Since these great patterns won’t take a long time to complete, your cute car bling is just a few steps away!

Easter Bunny Crochet Patterns

If you’ve been needing a fun project, what’s more fun than a bunny? Crochet bunny patterns sure make cute decorations and props for family photos.

egg-shaped crochet bunny

Crochet Easter Egg Bunny

This Easter egg bunny pattern not only looks great by itself, but it also is absolutely adorable with some crochet easter eggs. Can you imagine a whole carton full of bunny eggs? How cute!

Crochet amigurumi cupcake with bunny ears

Crochet Cupcake: A Bunny to Love

When I made this pattern, I felt like it needed just a little more than just the ears, that’s how the crochet cupcake bunny came to have the little pink icing hair! This is one of my favorite little touches of color I’ve done.

A wall hanging with a circular pattern with a bunny head on it.

Easter Bunny Wall Hanging

The Bunny Wall Hanging has all the crochet bunnies you could need! If you love having crocheted decor around your house during the holidays, this is a pattern you won’t want to miss.

Simple crochet bunnies in tan, gray and taupe color yarn.

Rustic Crochet Bunny

These darling Rustic Bunnies will have you running for your scrap yarn and crochet hook. If you love a simplistic style that says “Easter” and “Spring” without all the pastel colors, you’ll love this pattern!

Crochet Easter bunnies that look like giant marshmallows in multiple colors, including purple, pink, blue, and yellow.

Marshmallow Bunny

I love this amigurumi bunny crochet pattern by Crochet It Creations US! The amigurumi bunnies are all made using single crochet and Super Bulky yarn, making them super easy and super cozy.

A crochet gnome with a blue hat that has bunny ears and white flowers on it.

Bunny Gnome

This adorable bunny gnome is by Mufficorn, and I cannot get over those little bunny ears coming out of the hat! If you love crochet gnomes, this is simply the perfect decoration for spring.

Two brown amigurumi bunnies

Crochet Rabbit Pattern

How could you say no to this rabbit amigurumi pattern by Toy Story Patterns AU? The long ears really make this pattern for me.. so adorable!

A crochet bunny headband.

Bunny Ears Headband Crochet Pattern

The best part of this headband by Semi Sweet Crafter is that it’s not going to feel like it’s going to fall off all the time. Does anyone else feel like that with normal headbands? Plus, this looks super chic and very cute, it also comes in a wide range of sizes, making it perfect for littles or yourself!

A crochet bunny with a bonnet.

Bunny Bonnet

This bunny hat crochet pattern is by Elsa Mae Crochet and is available in sizes ranging from newborn to 4 years. I love the idea of a bunny hat photo prop, so this baby hat pattern is a must-make if you have any littles in your life around Easter.

Crochet Easter Wreath Patterns

Don’t have a whole lot of table space but you have an empty door? Well, do I have the perfect project for you! These adorable crochet projects are just waiting for you to get your hands and your crochet hook on them.

A blue crochet wreath with an amigurumi bunny with purple and pink crochet flowers.

Hoppy Spring Wreath

This adorable colorful crochet wreath is by Jasmine Art Works. The pastel colors are beautiful, plus I really love this bunny too!

Two crochet Easter wreaths, one that is purple and white and one is yellow and blue, both having amigurumi bunny heads in the middle.

Bunny Wreath

This bunny wreath by RNata is so charming, I really love all the little flowers on this wreath. Plus, the fact that the bunny heads fit in the circle perfectly is adorable.

A crochet wreath with an amigurumi bunny in the middle surrounded by small eggs and crochet flowers.

Bramble Bunny Wreath

I really love a natural-looking wreath, so I had to share this pattern by AM Creations by Monica as soon as I saw it. If you love colorful decorations, then you’re going to adore this cute wreath.

A crochet wreath that looks like an Easter basket with a amigurumi bunny in the basket.

Easter Basket Wreath

This fun design is by Kuema Tutorials! You’re sure to be the only one in town with this adorable decoration. I also really love these crochet flowers on the handle, I think it gives this basket a fun extra touch.

Easter Egg Crochet Patterns

There’s nothing like quick projects to get you in the mood for the holiday, and these crochet eggs are the answer to your prayers!

six crochet eggs in a carton.

Crochet Easter Eggs

These crochet Easter eggs would make amazing stash busters, as well as beautiful decor pieces. 

A amigurumi chick coming out of a cracked egg

Baby Chick Pattern

The perfect addition to your spring home decor is going to be this chick crochet pattern by Dione Design. I love that it’s coming out of a little egg!

Crochet eggs with different embroidered patterns on the eggs.

Embroidered Crochet Eggs

The art on this egg pattern by Toys by Alistar is absolutely beautiful! It really levels up this egg decoration.

Crochet Basket Patterns

These crochet basket patterns can be made in a bunch of fun color combinations and serve as the perfect gift. A basket really is an essential Easter crochet pattern, don’t you think?

A green crochet Easter basket with a bunny that's shaped like an egg and many crochet eggs in the basket

Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

Whether you use this basket for decor or for all the eggs your littles find this year, this pattern is perfect! My crochet Easter Basket pattern is quick to work up and only requires some basic crochet stitches.

A crochet Easter basket with a bunny motif on the front

Bunny Basket

If you want to challenge yourself a bit more while crocheting Easter baskets, this pattern by Nella’s Cottage is going to be perfect for you!

Mini crochet baskets that only fit one egg in blue, pink, and brown.

Mini Easter Baskets

This egg-cellent crochet Easter basket pattern is by HCK Crafts and it’s going to be absolutely perfect for displaying your little crochet eggs! This is simply too cute to handle.

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making one of my patterns I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @crochet365knittoo.  If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Crochet 365 Knit Too Facebook page or pop over to the Crochet365KnitToo Club and share a photo!  I’d love to see your work.

Crochet Easter Pinterest image that shows a bunny and six polaroid pictures which includes a crochet bunny bonnet, a basket with multiple amigurumi eggs, crochet bunnies that look like marshmallow bunnies, a gnome with bunny ears and little white flowers on it, a crochet basket with an amigurumi bunny that looks like an egg, and a crochet cupcake with bunny ears.

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