Snuggly Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

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You know what I love most in life? Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns! They are fast, useful and perfect for gift giving!

A collage of five crochet baby blanket patterns, including a bear square blanket, a blanket with stripes of white, yellow, and blue, a ripple blanket with pink and blue stripes, a pink ombre blanket, and a rainbow blanket.

These crochet baby blanket patterns are perfect, whether you’re looking for quick baby shower gifts, textured baby blankets, simple baby blankets, or just some adorable snuggly crochet baby blankets.

One of the best parts about making baby blankets is actually the baby blanket size. Meaning that.. they’re small enough that they’re not as daunting as making a large blanket, but you still get a whole lot of fun crocheting them! And if you don’t have someone in life for gifting an adorable baby project, you can make one as a charity project for someone in need!

When it comes to creating a beautiful baby blanket, you’ll want to choose a soft yarn that will be adorable and snuggly for your little one. Many of the patterns use easy-to-find worsted weight yarn but most can be adapted to other weights of yarn if you prefer. Your perfect baby blanket awaits!

What Size Should a Baby Blanket Be?

When it comes to picking out a pattern for baby blankets, consider its ultimate use to determine what size to make. Is it a blanket for a special occasion like a baptism? Will it be used on the floor? Is it a blanket for baby to grow with, that might become one that’s dragged all over the house in love and used everywhere?

Crochet baby afghans often serve multiple purposes so sizing is really flexible, but here are some common crocheted baby blanket sizes to get you started:

  • Receiving Blanket: 24’ x 24 up to 36×36″ square
  • Stroller: 30 x 36”
  • Swaddle Blanket: 40” x 40” up to 48 x 48” square
  • Toddler: 36” x 48”
  • Crib Blanket: 40″ x 60″

Most of these crochet baby blanket patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). Since these great patterns won’t take a long time to complete, your cute baby blanket is just a few steps away!

A pink ombre crochet baby blanket pattern.

Strawberry Lemon Peel Baby Blanket

The beautiful Strawberry Lemon Peel baby blanket uses this absolutely gorgeous sea coral yarn and I just love how the color transitions look. If you want to make a blanket for a baby girl, you might want to pick up this yarn for yourself!

A purple ombre crochet baby blanket pattern.

Tulip Stitch at Twilight: A Crochet Baby Afghan

Check out the amazing texture on this Tulip Stitch at Twilight crochet baby blanket! One thing I really love about this blanket is that it forms a natural blanket border so it’s a project that can really be completely mindless and you can enjoy some TV while you’re crocheting!

A ripple crochet baby blanket pattern that features pink, blue, and purple yarn.

Oh Darling Crochet Ripple Baby Blanket

If you love a beautiful blanket with ripples, the Oh Darling Crochet Ripple baby blanket is going to be the perfect gift to welcome a little one in. Also, since it uses acrylic yarn, it’s still machine washable, which is some important when you have a little one.

A pink ombre crochet baby blanket pattern

Beneficent Bella Crochet Baby Blanket

The gorgeous texture on the Beneficent Bella Crochet Baby Blanket is truly a thing of beauty. This blanket is so easy to make and only requires two skeins! If you’re looking for a beautiful blanket for girls, this yarn color plus blanket is a must. But you can also sub out the yarn for a more neutral color too!

A bold color-blocked baby blanket that features blue, white, and pink yarn stripes.

Hazel Baby Blanket

I Can Crochet That Shop‘s baby blanket features these gorgeous bold stripes with stripes of blue, off-white, and pink. This blanket also has some beautiful texture which I love and it’s made entirely out of the bean stitch, meaning that you’ll have a warm blanket for your little one.

A crochet blanket featuring a variety of blue hearts.

Crochet Heart Baby Blanket

This gorgeous blanket by Cotton and Wool Crochet would make such a cute baby shower gift! The blues featured in this picture would be so cute for a baby boy but I think a color-neutral option would be absolutely adorable if you’re looking for something to fit more people’s aesthetic or if you don’t know the gender of baby yet.

A blue ombre crochet baby blanket pattern.

Crochet Sedge Stitch Baby Afghan

If you haven’t tried the sedge stitch yet, the Crochet Sedge Stitch Baby Afghan is going to be such a fun way to practice this beautiful stitch! Plus, you end up with a beautiful crochet blanket when you are done.

A simple, light blue baby blanket.

Crossed Double Crochet Baby Blanket

This snuggly baby blanket by The Loophole Fox is a special gift that will be cherished forever. I love this pattern in a solid color. It really gives it a delicate feel.

A baby tucked in with a beige crochet baby blanket
A pink and white crochet baby blanket pattern made as a large granny square.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

I am still obsessed the this Granny Square Baby Blanket! I think this blanket would make such a fun pop of color in a nursery. You can also make your pattern match Zita the Zebra like I did!

Chunky Yarn Crochet Blanket

Deborah O’Leary Pattern‘s baby blanket crochet pattern features a beautiful and warm baby blanket that any little one will love. This is the perfect blanket for beginner crocheters since it only uses basic crochet stitches.

A rainbow crochet baby blanket pattern.

Baby Joe’s Blanket of Many Colors

If you are a fan of rainbows, you’re going to love this crocheted blanket by Crochet with Gabriella Rose. Honestly, a colorful baby blanket is something every little one needs, don’t you think? Surely, any variegated yarn would do, but this rainbow of color is just too cute to pass up.

A crochet baby blanket with stripes of white, light blue, dark blue, and yellow.

Carter Baby Blanket

If you want a gorgeous baby blanket that looks like it’s a part of your nursery decor, this pattern by Domi Knits Creations is going to be a must for you. This color scheme would make such a cute spring blanket for baby boys with beautiful yellows and light colors.

A white crochet baby blanket pattern.
A grey crochet baby blanket pattern with flower granny squares with pink middles and white petals and a white border.

Daisy Baby Afghan

Don’t you love this amazing color combo of the greys with the pink inside of the flowers on this Daisy Baby Afghan Pattern? This is perfect for someone who loves a little touch of boho chic in their home.

Classic Baby Blanket

I love an afghan that still looks beautiful in neutral colors, and this simple blanket pattern by Jo To The World Creation absolutely pulls that off. This blanket would be the perfect baby shower gift if the parents are waiting to find out the gender until the baby is born, or if they just prefer neutrals.

Blue waffle stitch crochet baby blanket pattern

Easy Waffle Baby Blanket

Is someone welcoming a winter baby? I feel like this pattern by Sirin’s Crochet is the perfect blanket for wintertime. This cozy blanket is rated ‘easy’ so it can be made by anyone with any skill level; you don’t have to be an experienced crocheter.

A white crochet blanket with each letter of the alphabet.

ABC Filet Crochet Blanket 

I love this take on a gorgeous baby blanket. This alphabet blanket by Avondale Patterns is not only an adorable baby gift for a newborn baby but also something that can be hung up or used while they’re learning to write.

A crochet baby blanket that features a rainbow with puff stitches on it.

Boho Rainbow Baby Blanket

I love the gorgeous puff stitches on this rainbow blanket by Khloe Kate, plus, all the bright colors of the rainbow will simply make you swoon for this sweet blanket.

A pink airy crochet baby blanket

Midwife in a Square Baby Blanket

This gorgeous airy blanket by Poplar Pattern Company would be such an adorable heirloom blanket. This would be a quick project if you want to make a blanket baby shower gift a little last minute.

A crochet baby blanket with little bears in a checkboard design.

Crochet Teddy Bear Blanket

This beautiful crochet baby afghan by Maisie and Ruth Crochet looks like it would be such a cuddly blanket, I simply can not resist. Plus, it just looks like such a fun blanket to crochet!

A bold color-blocked crochet blanket with stripes of pink, white, and grey yarn.

Bold Color-Blocked Baby Blanket

I love the stripes of color on this adorable crochet baby blanket pattern by Scarlet N Grey Crochet! This is the perfect baby-sized afghan since it’s made to be so little. This is another simply gorgeous textured crochet baby blanket that will be absolutely treasured by whoever receives it.

If you loved these crochet baby blanket patterns and you’re ready to try a larger crochet project, make sure to check out the gorgeous crochet blanket patterns or these fun temperature blankets.

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A Pinterest image with three crochet baby blanket patterns, including a pink ombre pattern, a bold color-blocked blanket pattern, and a beige crochet blanket over a baby.

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