Men’s Crochet Sweater Patterns: Perfect for Cool Temps

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Looking for a men’s crochet sweater sure to rock a wardrobe? These handsome patterns are perfect!

Five crochet sweaters, one is a knit-looking colorful v-neck, one is an all white hodie, one is a grey deep v-neck, one is a pullover in purple grey, and one is a black pullover.

These mens crochet sweater patterns will make the perfect gift, or they may just be so cute that you end up keeping them for yourself! Remember, if you want an oversized version of any of these sweaters, make sure to size up one or two sizes in your crochet garments.

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). Since these great patterns won’t take a long time to complete, your handsome sweater is just a few steps away!

A grey crochet pullover sweater.

I love the collar on this Wulf men’s pullover by A Crocheted Simplicity. Plus, I really like that this pattern has instructions for how to lengthen both the sleeves and the torso if you’re making this for someone who is rather tall.

A boy wearing a crochet sweater with a lake in the background

The Denzel sweater crochet pattern by Heart Hook Home is super cute while still looking super lightweight, making it perfect for the beginning of Fall, while we’re waiting for the weather to get cooler.

A blue crochet sweater

Get ready for cold Winters with this Dapper Dad classic crochet pullover by MJ’s Off The Hook Designs. The stitching on this crochet pullover sweater really adds some fun detailing on the front while maintaining an easy stitch pattern for the rest of the sweater.

A man wearing a black crochet pullover sweater.

Sometimes, you need a simple handsome pullover sweater, and this pattern by Two Brothers Blankets is so cozy. You could make a whole bunch of them in all your favorite colors!

A man wearing a retro crochet sweater with varying shades of brown in it.

I love the yarn choice on the crochet cable pullover by Bag-O-Day Crochet! The sleeve measurements are also super helpful to know so that they can be expanded if you have some particularly tall folks in your family. This pattern also includes a video tutorial for anyone who needs a bit of extra help.

A man wearing a grey v-neck sweater with trees in the background.

The stitch pattern on the Breckenridge Men’s V-Neck Pullover by A Crocheted Simplicity is absolutely darling. I love the options that this sweater provides, you could pair it with some dress slacks for a more formal occasion or dress it down for family gatherings.

A man wearing a rainbow striped crochet sweater.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful striped sweater? This pattern by Moody Goose is so cute and fun! If you are looking for a crocheted sweater that has a fun, casual vibe for going and getting coffee with your friends, there is no better sweater for you.

A man wearing a white crochet hoodie.

There’s nothing more comfortable than a crochet hooded sweater when you’re having a cozy day. This pattern by Dunmire Crochet Corner simply takes the cake for comfort. I also really like that this men’s crochet sweater pattern includes drawstrings on the hood.

A cable knit-looking crochet sweater in seafoam green yarn.

I love when crochet cardigan patterns have big buttons since I always love to button up a cardigan. It definitely helps that this is such a beautiful cable cardigan as well. The Celery Seed pattern by Maybe Katie Designs US is simply a must for anyone looking for a cute crochet pattern for everyday wear.

A crochet hoodie with many different line designs on it.

This cute crochet sweater is by Seyhall Crochet Design and I absolutely love the different designs on this pattern. Plus, I really appreciate that this men’s crochet sweater pattern includes the option of adding a front pocket for those that need it.

A grey crochet wear with a blck line going down the center and green elbow pads.

This crochet sweater pattern by Capitana Uncino has a lot of different, interesting details on it that really make this something new and original. This would make it a perfect gift for someone who likes clothes that are a little out of the box, but still super fun!

A patchwork crochet sweater with multiple colors and a grey hood.

A fun patchwork crochet cardigan pattern is something that everyone needs, honestly. I adore this pattern by Seyhall Crochet Design and it also might be a great stash buster.

A green crochet sweater with stripes.

The Men’s Burst Sweater by Regina P. Designs really makes you appreciate the beauty of crochet stripes, doesn’t it? This men’s crochet sweater pattern is available in a wide variety of adult sizes, all the way from small to 3X.

a colorful crochet sweater with a v-neck.

Knit-look crochet sweaters are so fun because you can get the style you want without having to learn another craft. That’s why I had to share the Tunisian Crochet Ribbed Sweater by Vidisha Sarkar. I absolutely love the bold color palette of this yarn, it’s simply enchanting.

A retro sweater with shades of brown.

This beautiful crochet pullover by Amanda Julien is perfect for someone who has more of a retro vibe. This is a classic crew neck sweater that is simply a must in anyone’s wardrobe.

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Three cozy crochet sweaters in a collage for pinterest, one is colorful with a v-neck, one is in varying shades of brown and looks more retro, and one is in muted colors with line work in different stripes.

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