Boho Boss Crochet Along

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The Boho Boss Bag just might be my most favorite pattern of all time.  Gorgeous!

Boho Boss Bag CAL
My friends.. meet a thing of beauty.  Take the lowly crochet square (similar to a granny square), add a gorgeous yarn and you’ve got one amazing bag.  Perfect for…well.. just about anything!

This bag is roomy and so fun to carry!  Show off your crochet with a stylish bag you made yourself!  Does it get any better than that?  Let’s talk some important details….

The Crochet Along is done.. but you can still make this amazing bag by following the series of posts!  Read on for all the details…

Boho Boss Bag CAL

Let’s talk about the amazing yarn.  I’m pretty much in love with Noro brand yarn.  I feel like I could look at it and touch it forever.  This is the time, my friends, to visit your local yarn store for some delicious, high end yarn goodness.  Noro Silk Garden yarn is a mix of silk, mohair and wool.  The colors are vibrant and they flow from one to another in a beautiful pattern.

I went with Color 84 which you can see here on Amazon.  Then I picked a contrasting solid color olive green (Col 188) which I can’t seem to find a sample of anywhere on the internet.  But no matter.  Just pick out a Noro Silk Garden colorway you adore and find a more solid contrast and you will be fine.

If Noro Silk Garden is not in your budget or you can’t find it in your area, just find two lovely colors and make your bag with that.  I’ve used a size G6/4mm with this lighter weight worsted yarn, but a more standard worsted weight may give you a slightly bigger bag.

And do you love those leather handles as much as I do?  I purchased these 23.6″ leather handles by Wento off Amazon on a whim and they are a great match!  They also sell the same handles in many other colors, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair for your bag.

Boho Boss Bag CAL

Details for the Boho Boss Bag CAL

The Boho Boss Crochet Along is done, but don’t worry.. you can still find everything you need for this fun bag!  Just follow the below posts in order and you’ll be carrying a gorgeous bag you made yourself in no time!

Solid Granny Square Bag in red and green multi color yarn

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Here Is What You’ll Need:


NOTE:  Lining and a closure for the purse is optional.  Purse can be used without a lining and/or closure.  A lining requires use of a sewing machine, 1/2-3/4  yard of fabric and fusible interfacing.

Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet AbbreviationsUS to UK Crochet Conversion Chart.  Find links to stitches on the “Tutorial” menu: Getting Started will show basic stitches used in many patterns and Crochet Stitch Dictionary shows our growing collection of crochet stitch tutorials.  I really like to use the invisible seamless join when finishing pieces that get sewn together (in this project this is an optional step).


The finished bag is 17” wide by 14.5” tall (including handles it is 22″ tall).

The crochet along portion of this pattern is done, but you can still find everything you need for this fun bag!  Just follow the below posts in order and you’ll be carrying a gorgeous bag you made yourself in no time!

Boho Boss Bag CAL

Purchase an ad-free printable version of this pattern

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Boho Boss Bag CAL


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  1. Good morning, I really love this bag and would like to attempt to make it. I haven’t been crocheting for long and find the best way for me to learn is by using YouTube tutorials.
    I don’t suppose I could find the tutorial on how to make this bag on there please?

    1. I currently do not have a video tutorial for this pattern. But I will certainly let you know if I make one!

    1. No, if you scroll to the “Materials” section it will tell you exactly how many skeins you need.

  2. I found two different sizes of the Noro Silk Garden, a 50G skein and a 100G skein. Which size did you use 4 of? Also, any suggestions for substitutions? I’ve been looking online but it’s hard to figure out what else I can use that will not cost me almost $70 to make a bag. Any tips would be appreciated.

    1. I used 50g skeins. Each skein has approximately 109 yards. I would consider the Noro Silk Garden to be a light worsted weight. To substitute just make a square and see how it measures to finished square in the Boho Boss bag. You can drop a hook size if it is too big and use a bigger hook if it is too small. You also can just “go with it” and have a bigger or smaller bag as a result. If it were me, I would look for a worsted weight or a DK weight that I loved and then try a square and make the adjustments I just described.