Poinsettia Wine Cozy

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If you’ve been with me for long, you’ve probably figured out I have a little bit of a love affair with the crochet wine cozy.  It’s easy.  It’s elegant.  And it’s fast.  And what’s better than that when it comes to gift giving, right?  Enter this crochet Poinsettia Wine Cozy.Crochet poinsettia wine cozySigh.  I really love this one.  I can see it as a somewhat classy and maybe even elegant hostess gift in this holiday season.  Or as just a ‘little something’ gift.  The Poinsettia Wine Cozy is a pretty versatile gal.  And such a fun make!  Don’t forget to check out my other wine cozies here!

As if the wine cozy isn’t easy enough, let’s start out by making it in a solid color, much like the Sunflower wine cozy we did this summer.  Who loves no color changes in the wine cozy?! Uhm… ME!  This is a total ‘crochet while you watch tv’ kinda project.  The best kind.  In my opinion, anyway.

You know what else would look really amazing?  Taking this poinsettia and popping it onto an ordinary hat.  The Salt of the Earth beanie worked in green yarn with the poinsettia as an accent would look darling.  You might need to stop the increases a bit sooner to fit a smaller person’s head.  Just remember to keep it at an even stitch count and you will be fine!

Crochet poinsettia wine cozy

But back to this Crochet Poinsettia Wine Cozy..  For the flower, we use a smaller hook and work in the round.  The petals are worked in two rows.  First you chain a bit and work down from the petal tip to shape one side of the petal.  At the end of that row, there are 6 petals, but they are only half done.  On the second petal row, you start at the bottom of each petal on the opposite side of that chained bit.

Anyone else thinking, ‘how does THAT work’ and wondering how you can “finish” a petal at the tip and somehow get back down to the base to work the next one?  Well, my friends, it is so easy.. just slip stitch in the petal tip and then continue to slip stitch the rest of the way down the other side of the petal and VOILA..you are at the base again and ready to work the next petal.

Let’s get going on this poinsettia wine cozy and you will see what I mean.

Crochet poinsettia wine cozy

Purchase an ad-free printable version of the Poinsettia Wine Cozy pattern here!

Crochet Poinsettia Wine Cozy

Here is what you will need:


Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet AbbreviationsUS to UK Crochet Conversion Chart.  Find links to stitches on the “Tutorial” menu: Getting Started will show basic stitches used in many patterns and Crochet Stitch Dictionary shows our growing collection of crochet stitch tutorials.  I really like to use the invisible seamless join when finishing pieces that get sewn together.


Fits a standard wine bottle

Wine Cozy:

Wine cozy is worked using 2 strands of yarn.  So either pull a strand from the outside and inside of the yarn skein or wind a small ball to use as your 2nd strand.

R1:  Using the larger (size J) hook 2 strands of green yarn, make a magic ring, chain 3 (counts as 1st dc) 11 dc in ring (12 dc total). Sl St to 1st st.

R2:  Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc here and throughout), 1 dc in same st as joining, 2 dc in each of the remaining stitches. Sl st to 1st st. (24 st)

Now work in even dc:

R3-17: Ch 3 for 1st stitch, dc in remaining stitches (24 st)  Sl st to 1st st.

R18:  Ch 1, sc in same st as joining and next 2 st, ch 14, skip 7 st, sc in next 5 st, ch 14, skip 7 st, sc in last 2 st.  Sl st to 1st st.

R19:  Ch 1, sc in same st as joining and next 2 st, sc 16 in ch-14 loop from the previous row, sc in next 5 st, sc 16 in ch-14 loop, sc in next 2 st. Sl st to joining. (42 st)

R20:  Ch 1, sc in same st as joining and around row. (42 st).  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Crochet poinsettia wine cozy


The flower is worked with one strand of yarn.  The petals are formed by working one half of each petal in one round and then coming back and working the other half of each petal in the subsequent round (and slip stitching over the previously worked stitches).  Let’s get started:

Using the smaller (size G) hook and yellow yarn, make a magic ring.

R1: ch 1 and work 6 sc in ring, sl st to 1stsc. (6 sc)

R2: Working in the FRONT LOOP ONLY for this round, *ch 4, sl st to 1st ch, sl st to next st.  Repeat from * around.  (6 Picot stitches).  Fasten off yellow and change to red in last stitch.

R3:  Working in BACK LOOP ONLY from round 1, 2sc in ea stitch around, join with sl st to 1st st at the end of the round (12 sc)

R4:  (Petals – 1st half)  *Ch 9, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, then working across the remaining chains, work: sc, hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc.  You are now to the base of the petal.  Sl st into the next 2 stitches.  Repeat from * 5 more times to form 6 petal halves.

R5:  (Petals – 2nd half).  You are now at the base of the first petal.  *Working into the opposite side of the chain worked in the previous round, work: hdc, dc, tc, dc, hdc, sc.  (Pause and look at your work.  These stitches should match the corresponding stitch on the opposite side of the chain.)  Now sl st around the rest of the petal to the base, sl st into the st between petals.   Repeat from * around.  At the end of the round, join with a sl st to the 1st st and fasten off, leaving a long strand for sewing.

Position Poinsettia on wine cozy and sew down.  Weave in all ends.

Crochet poinsettia wine cozy

Sew poinsettia on to wine cozy.

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Crochet poinsettia wine cozy

Purchase an ad-free printable version of the Poinsettia Wine Cozy pattern here!

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Crochet poinsettia wine cozy

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  1. I have to say thank you again for sharing the wine cozy pattern. I made 3 grinch, 2 football and about 5 just yarn ones. My daughter is putting together a wine basket for a benefit and I’m going to make a cozy and coasters to match for it. I so love to crochet and your patterns are simple and easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing.i also made 5 elf ones for 5 important kids to me for St Nick to fill. They hang very nicely for n a door.

    1. This just means to continue to work as you’ve done so far… the same for each row as you go until you are directed to do something different. Hope that helps clear things up!

  2. Thank you for this wine bottle cozy pattern. I just read through the pattern and I realize that it will be easy to do. I know, it’s past the Christmas season but this is something I can do when I feel that I need a quick project when I’m feeling weighed down and need to set aside the blanket project I’m working on now. Then, at THAT time of year I can pull out the ready made gift and not have to panic because the gift is already made 🙂
    Thank you for your generosity in creating, and then in providing the clearly written pattern with photos too.

    1. I really love your idea of making the wine cozies throughout the year and then having them ready as gifts when the holidays come around!