Mama’s Easy Crochet Dishcloth

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Mama’s Easy Crochet Dishcloth just might be your new favorite!  Easy to make. Fast. A pattern you can memorize quickly.  These beauties are a joy to crochet!

crochet dishcloths in ivory, green and brown

Sigh.  I can’t even.  If I say I’m in love with this easy crochet dishcloth pattern am I really saying I love to do dishes?  Because let’s be straight here.  While I enjoy a nice and tidy kitchen, I am, in no way, someone who loves that task!  

You know those people who love to clean?  You know the ones.  Any time day or night, you can walk into their house, completely unannounced, and their house is in a beautiful, spotless state?  Yeah..that’s NOT me.

My mother is. And at least one of my sisters.  But if the neat-clean gene is inherited, well it just jumped right past me.  And probably laughed!  In fact, if you were standing on my front porch right now and looked in through the front window, you’d likely see a room that vomited yarn, paper and stacks of everything.  Because that’s blogging central at the moment.  My dining room.  Yup..that’s how we roll here.

Green crochet dishcloth

Sigh.  But I do love a good crochet dishcloth and I adore an easy pattern.  And my friends, this easy crochet dish cloth is just the thing.  Grab a skein of crochet cotton, an H/5.00 mm crochet hook, your favorite drink and plop down on your most comfortable chair.  Turn the TV on or maybe kick up your feet for a great conversation with your people.  Settle in and enjoy this textured dishcloth.

It is a perfect pattern for gift giving too. It is a great hostess gift or housewarming gift in a pretty basket. This textured stitch cloth would also be a nice baby shower gift with baby bath products. They are a great seller at a craft fair and if you’re feeling adventurous, it would be a fun choice for a baby blanket pattern; just increase in increments of 2 stitches. What a perfect gift!

My favorite yarn for dishcloths and dish towels is cotton worsted weight yarn because cotton is so absorbent. Cotton dishcloths are just so nice to use and the yarn is reasonably priced, making this an economical project too.


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Let’s get going on your next favorite crochet pattern!

Mama’s Easy Crochet Dishcloth

Here is what you will need:

Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern: Crochet AbbreviationsUS to UK Crochet Conversion Chart.  Find links to stitches on the “Tutorial” menu: Getting Started will show basic stitches such as the chain stitch, single crochet stitch and double crochet stitch used in this free crochet pattern.   And Crochet Stitch Dictionary shows our growing collection of crochet stitch tutorials.

Dishcloth is approximately 9″ x 9″.  However if yours turns out bigger or smaller it will still be a lovely dishcloth!

crochet dishcloths in ivory, green and brown in basket with soap

Chain 33

R1:  Working in the back bump, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across row. Ch 1 and turn. (32 st) **Note: this row is worked in the back bump of the chain. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, my friend Nicki has a tutorial here you can check out.  You can also just work the single crochet row as you normally would. **

R2-26: sc in 1st st, *skip next st, (sc, dc) in next st.  Repeat from * to last stitch.  sc in last st. Ch 1 turn (32 st).

R27:  sc across row.  Fasten off, weave in ends.

And there you go.  The easiest, best, crochet dishcloth pattern maybe of all time.

Frequently Asked Crochet Dishcloth Questions:

It’s easy to get into crocheting dishcloths.  After all, they are fun and fast to make.  But maybe you have questions!  And friends.. I have answers to all your crochet dish cloth questions:

Why Make Your Own Crochet Dishcloths? A crochet dishcloth is fun to make and it’s a pretty great gift as well. Almost any stitch can be used in a dishcloth, making it the perfect crochet project for trying out a new crochet stitch. A crochetdishcloth looks great in a textured pattern, like this one. But a solid half double crochet or a double crochet stitch or any other one crochet stitch pattern looks amazing too! You can even add a strand of scrubby yarn along with the cotton yarnto make an extra thick crocheted dishcloth.

How Much Yarn Do you Need To Crochet A Dishcloth? Are you wondering which dishcloth yarn to use or how much yarn you’ll need? The best part about crocheting a dishcloth is that it is almost always a one-skein project. So if you find a color you can’t pass up, one skein will make a cute crochet dishcloth!

Do Crochet Dishcloths Work Well? A lot of people love the feel of a crochet dishcloth and feel that they absorbant cottonyarn is also good for scrubbing dishes. But, to be honest, a crochet dishcloth is really a personal preference.

What Kind Of Yarn Do You Use to Crochet Dishcloths?  Cotton yarn is the best choice for a crochet dishcloth. It’s asorbant and a natural fiber making it the perfect yarn of choice!

How Do You Clean A Dishcloth? A crochet dishcloth can be washed with the rest of your laundry. When in use, be sure to ring out the dish cloth really well to avoid any musty smell.

I love seeing your finished projects!  If you enjoyed making the Easy Crochet Dishcloth,  I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @crochet365knittoo.  If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Crochet 365 Knit Too Facebook page or pop over to the Crochet365KnitToo Club and share a photo!  I’d love to see your work!

crochet dishcloths in cream, green and brown tied together with jute string

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  1. The border is “built in”. So the first row is a single crochet row. The last row is a single crochet row. And each row starts and end with a single crochet. Of course, if you prefer an additional single crochet round, you can do that too!

  2. Thanks for the simple stitch pattern. I never make such small items-99% of my crocheting is devoted to single and double size afghans for the homeless shelter. I do adapt your patterns and convert them into afghans.
    sometimes between afghans, I start a hat and finish it ‘whenever’.
    Thanks from this 79y/o crafter,

  3. Can’t wait to get started. I just finished a knit poncho for my granddaughter and am so ready to do something relaxing for me. Thanks for all you do.?

  4. I’ve read this over a couple times and still can’t seem to find it, is this in US or UK terms?


  5. This is a lovely pattern. Do you think this could be made into a dish towel or hand towel? If so, what would the starting chain be, and how many rows should be done? Thanks! ?

    1. You could definitely adjust the pattern for other sized makes. Just do some math to determine the width of the size you would like to make and then start with a chain in an odd number. Then just work until it reaches the length you desire.

  6. Cheryl, I just finished my first one and I love it. Took me some practice to stitch into the back bump, but very nice result. I love your artsy way of putting your 3 dishcloths together, such a pretty presentation.
    Thank you so much!

  7. Are you saying to put the single and double in the same stitch or alternate then end with a single ? I’m sorry I don’t understand.

    1. When instructions are in parenthesis it means that whatever is IN the parenthesis is done together. So in this case you work both a sc and a dc in the same stitch and then proceed with the instructions.

  8. Nice pattern, I love it! Just wanted to say this, if you start and begin each row with a sc, there is a way to make the sides straight with no bumps, and then you don’t even need a border sc. Once you’re done with a row ending in sc, instead of doing ch1, you turn your piece and start crocheting in that last stitch. I’ve done a drying mat like this and it looks good. I would like to post a picture but there’s no way to do this.

  9. Thank you for all of the patterns, instruction and inspiration! I was working on this dishcloth pattern at our weekly crochet group, and one of the other members was admiring it and asked me what stitch it was. I couldn’t find a stitch name in the pattern, and it didn’t exactly match any of the stitch patterns in the stitch tutorials section for the Stitch Dictionary. It seemed similar to the grit and lemon peel, but not exactly. I referred her to the pattern on your blog, but wondered if this stitch pattern has a name? I have made several other dishcloth patterns, but this one is my favorite so far!

    1. It is a variation of the Suzette stitch.. which I’ve just put on my ‘to do’ list for stitches for our stitch dictionary! Stay tuned!

  10. This has become my all time favorite dish cloth pattern. I’m using it in a smaller size for baby wash cloths. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. As a fellow Michigander (lower southwest) I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy our patterns and your site. Please keep up the great work, it’s very much appreciated.

  12. Thank you so much for your blog. I am just starting to crochet and I’m so glad I found you! Loving all the tips and patterns for future projects for when I get adventurous beyond dish cloths.

    1. Using a smaller yarn or hook would make the dishcloth smaller. You could chain more in increments of 2 to make a larger cloth, however, to compensate for that.

  13. Love this pattern so glad I found it. I have just finished my second one and modified it as I prefer a smaller dishcloth and it turned out great as well. Thank you so much!

  14. Hi, row 2 thru 26 sc in first stitch and skip next stitch and sc in 3rd stitch and dc in 4th stitch and then skip 5th stitch and sc in 6th etc??

    1. No. Let me word this another way: single crochet in the first stitch. Skip the next stitch, which is the 2nd stitch. In the THIRD stitch work BOTH a single crochet and a double crochet. Then you repeat this. So you skip the FOURTH stitch and work both a sc and a dc into the 5th stitch. You continue this until the end of the row and then you work a sc in the very last stitch of the row.

  15. So would you have a single and double and then a single in the last without skipping a stitch? I’m fine until I get ready to turn. Then I get confused. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Each row starts and ends with a sc. At the end of the round, you sc/dc in the 2nd to last stitch and then sc in the last stitch. Then chain 1 and turn. This sets up the pattern repeat for the next row.

  16. Hi! I love the colors and pattern of these dishcloths. I am having a hard time finding the Lily Sugar and Cream yarn in 1.75oz. I found lots of 2.5oz. Could you confirm it us 1.75oz yarn to be used? 🙂

    1. The quantity listed refers to the amount of yarn you will use to make the dishcloth, not the amount of yarn in the skein itself. So you will have some leftover yarn. Hope this helps!