Gorgeous Crochet Lace Patterns

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If you are looking for an amazing pattern for crochet lace, you are going to adore this collection of patterns!

A collage of five crochet lace patterns, including a small crop top, a maxi skirt, a crochet shawl, a shrug, and a bit of crochet lace trim.

These beautiful crochet patterns are great for summer since they’re light and airy. But they also are perfect for vacations or special occasions, regardless of the season!

I really love crochet lace patterns. They lend themselves to so many things! You can add a bit of lace to the bottom of your pants, or you could make a cute lace patch. You could even add a strip of lace down the sem of your clothes to make them a bit bigger. The lace opportunities are endless!

What is Crochet Lace?

Crochet lace is an openwork design that is created by the use of extra chain stitches along with single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet stitches. The negative space created by the chain stitches and the groupings of the more solid stitches are the hallmark features that make crochet lace so beautiful!

Many crocheters feel that crochet lace is out of their league. After all it can look quite complicated. Certainly patterns that are very intricate or using very delicate weight yarn and thread can make for a challenging project. However, most lace patterns feature very basic crochet stitches and are easily mastered by most crocheters.

lacy crochet afghan on a chair

You can even use worsted weight yarn to crochet lace. Just take a look at the border in this crochet afghan pattern!

Common Stitches Used in Crochet Lace

Most lace patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a chain stitch, single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st).

Supplies Needed to Crochet Lace

If you want to crochet lace, you may be happy to learn that you don’t need anything special! Just a crochet hook and yarn (or thread) and a few other basic items:


What I enjoy most about crochet lace is that you can find a crochet lace project in just about any yarn weight. For doilies and other fine work, you’ll need crochet thread. Shawls can be made from any from lace weight yarn to DK or worsted weight yarns.

Crochet Hook

Typically the crochet hook size matches the size of the yarn or thread used. However, sometimes lacy designs will change this up a bit to create more drape. So be sure to read the pattern closely and use the hook size recommended.

Yarn Needle

A tapestry needle or yarn needle is a must for weaving in ends as is a good pair of sharp scissors. Depending upon the design, you might find stitch markers helpful to keep track of rows or to mark pattern repeats.

Crochet Lace

Whether you're looking to grace your home with vintage charm or adorn yourself with handmade elegance, crochet lace patterns have a unique, timeless appeal. Grab your crochet hook and settle in to enjoy this curated collection of crochet lace designs. There's something for everyone, from adventurous beginners to seasoned crocheters seeking their next masterpiece.

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A Pinterest image that includes three corchet lace patterns, including a crop top, a shawl, and a maxi skirt.

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