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My Most Popular Freebies:

Sigh.. I have so many freebies for you that I had a hard time figuring out how to organize them on this amazing resource page! So I thought I’d start out with the “biggie’s”.  You know.. everyone’s favorites!  To get to the printable, just click on the link!

NOTE: Scroll down to find a slew of other printable, patterns and tutorials along with stitch pages for the Stitch Dictionary and the Free Annual Scrap Afghan Patterns

The Crochet and Knit Journal is my most downloaded freebie of all time.  It might even be the most downloaded crochet and knit journal on the internet!  Getting organized with your yarn and crochet is so wonderful.  I feel like it makes it even easier to enjoy my crochet projects!

Not too long after I designed the journal, my readers wanted The Coordinating Calendar Pages. These are fill in the blank style monthly calendars which makes it so easy to use year after year!

Graphic of Tips for Crochet Stuffed Toys

If you’re just getting started with Amigurumi or a seasoned beginner you might learn some great Amigurumi Secrets to make your cute crochet designs even better!  So much fun!

Looking for the perfect stitch pattern for that next project?  You can keep them all organized with this great Stitch Dictionary Cover and Binder Spines. Just purchase a 3 ring binder with a clear plastic front, print out this front cover and coordinating binder spine and you have a gorgeous way to display your collection.  Be sure to scroll down this page a bit for the printable stitch pages to put inside your binder!

Some of my readers struggle to read printed crochet patterns and my complete post on the topic is very popular.  But then I thought.. wouldn’t it be great if you could just print the whole thing out?  That way when  you’re crocheting you can just reference it when you get stuck! Download How to Read A Crochet Pattern Guide here!

All Around Wonderful Freebies (most recently posted first):

Just click on the link to download! NOTE: Scroll down to find stitch pages for Stitch Dictionary AND the Free Annual Scrap Afghan Patterns)

3 crochet preemie hats in purple, blue and pink

The Crochet Preemie Hat is a fun and fast project, perfect for the littlest of littles in your life.  Made out of worsted weight yarn this is quick project!

yellow crochet star

This Star Pattern is a Crochet 365 Knit Too fan favorite!  Crochet a bunch and attach to gifts, use as an appliqué or scatter around town just spread a little crochet love!

Crochet Ear Savers

If you have to wear a mask, these Crochet Ear Savers sized for both adults and children protect the backs of your ears from sores!  Simple to make out of scrap yarn and extra buttons!

Making a Faux Fur Pom Pom is just so easy with this fun tutorial.  No need to spend lots of money on the ready-made variety when you can make your own!

crochet butterfly pattern

You totally need this Butterfly Pattern in your life.  Easy to make from scrap yarn.  Put a little magnet on the back and it’s great on your refrigerator. It also would look great in a garland or tied on a gift.

Happy Flower Project

Want to scatter love around your town?  These Happy Flower Project Tags are perfect. Just cut them out and attach to a little cutie crochet flower or appliqué and leave them around town for your neighbors to find!  Spread a little joy one crochet step at a time.

Solid Granny Square

Want to join squares for a granny style bag?  Look no further than the Boho Boss Bag – How to Join Squares (with Diagrams) tutorial!  Easy to understand and perfect to stash with your printed pattern collection.

Crochet Bottle Cover

You know what you might completely need in your life? Love Coupons for your Valentine!  Make a cute crochet gift out of scrap yarn and then print and cut out these family friendly love coupons.  Remember.. the gift of your time is often worth more than anything money can buy!

Crochet Snowman Octopus

This little addition to my popular octopus is so fun!  Make a Hat & Scarf for a Snowman Octopus!  Too fun!

Annual Scrap Afghan Patterns:

Are you obsessed with my annual scrap afghans?  Every year I design another great pattern perfect for your yarn stash!  Something that looks great, yet scrappy.  It is also a great project to work on throughout the year too!  A little bit every evening and your afghan will be done in no time!

Multicolor yarn crochet afghan in orange, blue, purple assorted shades

2023 ~ Bespoke Bliss Blanket is a gorgeous must-make afghan worked in the beginner friendly crochet block stitch. I used 5 coloring transitioning Caron Cinnamon Swirl Cakes for a rainbow extravaganza starting with moody blues and purples transitioning all the way to glorious sunset hues of gold and pinks.

Crochet chevron afghan in shades of purple

2022 ~The Hills and the Hollows Chevron Crochet Blanket is a granny ripple style blanket.  I made mine out of naturally transitioning Caron Cake Yarn, but you can make yours a more planned afghan or an all out scrap yarn extravaganza!

Crochet multi color afghan with ivory border

The 2021 ~ Bloom Anyway Granny Square Blanket is simply gorgeous.  This afghan does need quite a bit of a solid color, but the squares are all scrappy!  Follow my formula for taking a few colors and maximizing the repetition.  This is a fun project to crochet!

pink, yellow, orange, green and off white crochet afghan sample

There’s something soothing about the 2020 ~ Wistful Waves Crochet Blanket.  Fast, fun, beautiful and a perfect use for all that scrap yarn piling up!

Crochet Scrap Blanket

If you’re looking for extra special, how about the 2019 – Happy Lark Crochet Scrap Blanket Pattern?  This is a great pattern for mixing and matching all kinds of scrap yarn.  Very fun project to crochet!

onward and upward scrap afghan

The amazing 2018 ~ Onward and Upward Afghan that started it all!  I love how the drop down post stitches camouflage even the most crazy of color combinations, making this an ideal pattern if you have a lot of mismatched leftover yarn.  It also makes a warm and cozy afghan!

Stitch Pages for Your Stitch Binder:

Just click on the link to download the stitch page of your dreams! If you missed the cover/binder spines at the top of the page, you can get those here.

I add new stitches all the time, so check back often!

Crochet Bead Stitch Tutorial

The Bead Stitch is so much fun.  Perfect on a hat, scarf or cowl.

gray crochet sample with stork scissors

The Even Moss Stitch is such a versatile stitch! Perfect for a dishcloth or a warm cozy baby afghan.  Its one you come to time and again!

How to crochet the grit stitch

The Grit Stitch is another fun stitch pattern.  Great for washcloths, blankets and other cozy projects.

orange stitch sample of herringbone half double crochet

The Herringbone Half Double Crochet is such a beautiful stitch!  It looks great on a hat, on an afghan.. really just about anything you would use a traditional half double crochet stitch for!

How to Crochet the Linen Stitch

The tried and true Linen Stitch is a fun one to crochet!  This is a pattern known by other names too, so don’t let that fool you! Fun and easy to memorize!

Crochet rice stitch sample in green yarn with wood hook and stork scissors

Oh my, the Rice Stitch!  I just adore all that texture!  As I’m looking at this, I’m thinking.. oh boy.. would you ever make a lovely HAT!  But you could make a lot of other fun things too!

Crochet Rope Stitch

The Rope Stitch is a popular stitch, known by other names as well.  This is a great stitch pattern for a baby blanket!

Lilac color yarn sample in sedge stitch

The Sedge Stitch is another all around amazing stitch pattern.  I love it for baby blanket and dishcloths the best, but it could be used for many other fun projects too!

How to Crochet the Silt Stitch

The Silt Stitch is another basic stitch pattern made interesting by placement of the basic stitches.  So fun!

Purple crochet swatch sample of moss stitch with wooden hook and scissors

The Soft Moss Stitch is another easy basic stitch combination that is so beautiful!  Try it for your next baby afghan!

Close up view of how to make a crochet star stitch with pink yarn

Oh my goodness… the Star Stitch! This is such a stunner of a crochet stitch. It requires a little bit of creative concentration, but once you get going it becomes second nature.  So, so fun!

crochet tulip stitch in blue yarn with purple hook

If you hate crocheting borders you are completely going to love the Tulip Stitch.  This fun stitch pattern forms a scalloped border as you crochet along.  I love that so much!

As you can see, my Vault has oh so many freebies!  I add to this collection on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often!  Don’t forget, the user name and password are at the bottom of every email, so make sure you open up those emails so you always have the most recent password!

Happy Crocheting!

~ Cheryl