Crochet Shorts Patterns Perfect for Summer

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These gorgeous crochet shorts patterns are sure to steal your heart this summer!

A five-photo collage with brown crochet shorts, blue crochet shorts, flower motif crochet shorts, checkered crochet shorts, and multicolored shorts.

If you want to add a little homemade happiness to your wardrobe, these patterns are going to be must-makes.

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). Since these great patterns won’t take a long time to complete, your cute crochet shorts are just a few steps away!

A pair of crochet shorts with light blue on one side and hot pink on the other. A heart is on each side in the opposing color.

Heart High-Waisted Shorts

This is such a cute pair of shorts! I love this pattern by OMH Studio, the split color choice is so fun and the little hearts are just way too adorable. To me, this seems like a very 70s-inspired pattern with a touch of modern flair, which makes it just so appealing.

Grey crochet shorts with a drawstring a ribbed waistband.

Crochet Summer Shorts

These beautiful summer shorts by Knitcro Addict are way too cute to pass up! The ribbed waistband with the drawstring is an excellent detail to pull these shorts together.

Flowy crochet shorts that are off-white and has a rope going through the belt holes.

Everyday Wear Shorts

These shorts by Knitcro Addit were made for warm summer days! If you, like me, love the look of crochet skirts but find that they’re not always practical, you’ll love the wide leg hole on these shorts that give the illusion of a skirt. I’m also a big fan of the belt situation of these shorts since I feel like a belt tends to tie an outfit together.

Colorful crochet shorts with a variety of stitches to make up the shorts.

Crochet Beach Shorts

How can you say no to the bohemian vibe of these gorgeous shorts by Stitch Queen Crochet? These shorts add the perfect pop of color to your outfit and would make such cute festival shorts.

Checkered crochet shorts that are green and off-white.

Crochet Checkered Shorts

This fun pair of crochet shorts are by Crochet With Luv Store! I love that it also features an adjustable waistband to make sizing a bit easier. Plus, you can make these as short or as long as you are comfortable with which is perfect.

Off-white crocheted shorts

Bleu Crochet Pants

This pattern by Seratt Project was made so that at the end, you would have a fully customized pair of shorts that fit you perfectly. Not only would this make the cutest swimsuit cover-up, but it also makes for fun summer clothing.

Crochet booty shorts with rows of orange and white yarn and a white drawstring

Summer Coords Set

If you like crochet booty shorts, you’ll absolutely love this pattern by Over Stitchd Designs! This pattern also comes with a halter top, making it perfect for beach wear if you aren’t feeling a swimsuit or you just want some comfortable summer wear.

Flower motif crochet shorts with a repeating daisy pattern.

Flower Motif Crochet Shorts

If you’re ready to fully embrace your casual, girl-next-door vibe, this pattern by Muto Crochet Designs is going to be the answer to all your prayers. This is the type of handmade crochet shorts where everyone will ask where you got them, they’re just so fun!

Crochet shorts with open sides.

Peekaboo Crochet Shorts

This gorgeous crocheted shorts pattern is by Shyler Crochets and I love how fun and different it is! This pattern will absolutely help keep you cool in all the summer heat.

Cable crochet shorts

Cable Stitch Shorts

This beautiful crochet shorts pattern is by TCDDIY and I adore how comfy yet fancy these shorts look. I love that these are in a neutral color as well so you can really wear them with everything.

Crochet shorts with obvious pockets in the front.

High-Waisted Shorts with Pockets

This pattern by TCDDIY absolutely needs to be added to your collection of crochet shorts! Whether you need something for casual home wear or you want to elevate your beach style, this pattern is going to be perfect.

Rainbow crochet shorts

Festival Fairy Shorts

I love the rainbow color yarn on this crochet shorts pattern by Crochet by Lynzi Shop! This is a crochet project you will absolutely have to add to your list if you have a fun summer of festivals planned. This is also written to be an easy-to-follow crochet pattern as the description describes that there are photos for every step.

Black crochet shorts with rows of red, yellow, and green on the bottom.

Shawty Shorts

Those adorable lace scallops really pull this shorts design by Island Style Creations together for me. I love that the shorts are fully a solid color with just a pop of color around the bottom, it just makes this such a classy design.

Color-blocked crochet shorts with blocks of blue, yellow, red, and green.

Crayola Shorts

This cute crochet shorts pattern is by JoJo’s Company and I absolutely adore how fun and colorful they are! Plus, the drawstring on the waistband edge is such a nice touch to give you a bit of added security.

White crochet shorts with a brown drawstring.

Fun in the Sun Shorts

I love how the drawstring waist on this pattern by Lambent Crochet goes through the belt holes so you can still see it. It’s just so cute!

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A Pinterest image that includes eight crochet shorts patterns, off-white flowy shorts, baby blue with obvious pockets shorts, brown cable shorts, orange and white crochet shorts, colorful shorts, black crochet shorts with lines or red, yellow, and green along the bottom, flower motif crochet shorts, and color block crochet shorts with yellow, blue, green, and red blocks of color.

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