Crochet Elf Hat Patterns for a Festive Mood

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These crochet elf hat patterns are sure to put you in a festive mood!

A collage of five crochet elf hat patterns, one is a bumpy hat made out of purple, white, and blue yarn, one that's two-tailed green with a yellow buckle, one thats a green hood with red yarn balls, one that's red, white, and green with white balls on triangle peaks around the rim, and on that's small with a jungle bell and crochet elf ears.

Whether you need the perfect prop for the entire family photos or you just want to wear something fun, look no further than these cute crochet elf hats.

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). Since these great patterns won’t take a long time to complete, your cute crochet elf hat is just a few steps away!

A dark green crochet elf hat with a jingle bell on top.

I love how simplistic this elf hat crochet pattern by Julivica CA is! To start, this pattern is sized from newborn to adult, meaning you can make enough hats that the entire family matches! Personally, I really enjoy that it has a jingle bell on it, making it that much more festive and fun.

A long red and white striped elf hat with crochet elf ears.

Look at those crochet elf ears! This festive crochet hat pattern is by Make and Do Crew, and I cannot help but be in love with this pattern. Maybe best of all it can be made for baby through adult sizes, making it perfect for your annual holiday photo.

A crochet elf hat with a green brim and red and white stripes of yarn.

I love the large ball pom pom at the tip of this crochet elf hat pattern by Okie Girl Bling N Things. Plus, it is a free pattern, which is always a great option! While this is an adult-size hat, there is an option available for newborn sizes as well as a pet pattern! Honestly, your pup totally needs a crochet elf hat this holiday season, right?

A two-tailed crochet elf hat with a god belt buckle and large white pom poms.

This double-tail holiday hat bundle by Amirea includes a Santa hat, a candy corn hat, an elf hat, and a Christmas stocking hat. So, you’re really ready for whatever the holidays throw at you this year!

A long, dramatic crochet elf hat that is made out of red and green stipes of yarn.

This extra-long, adorable crochet elf hat pattern by Stitch Queen Crochet is perfect for your next holiday party. I love that it’s more of a statement hat just because of how long it is.

Large crochet elf hat with jingle bell detailing. One hat has green and red striping, and one has green and pale green stripes.

The finishing touches on this crochet elf hat pattern by Loveable Loops Shop really make this hat for me. Honestly, just look at all those bells! What a fun crochet project.

A elf hat that look like an acorn with a gold band.

The Buddy Hat by Spunky Purl Crochet is such a fun idea for a beginner-friendly crochet project. I also kind of love that this pattern sticks up on its own.

A little kid wearing a crochet elf hat made out of green, white, and red yarn with little white yarn balls on red triangle peaks along the brim.

I kind of really love all of the crochet balls on the triangle peaks of this pattern by Heidi Yates Patterns. It really makes this hat stand out more.

Crochet elf hat with a lot of texture and stripes of purple, white, and blue yarn.

The Bumpy Sleigh Ride Elf Cap by Frenchie has so much cute texture to it! Even though the yarn color isn’t in traditional Christmas colors, I feel like this still looks so festive!

A little girl looking at a tree with a crochet green hood and red balls on the bottom.

If you’re in a colder climate, you know that it can be really important to have your ears covered. But don’t worry, you’ll still look super stylish with this simple pattern by Peasant Crochet Stylee.

A crochet elf hat wrapped around to make a cowl.

Now, this is a hat that gives you options! Whether you want to wear a dramatic crochet hat or cowl, this pattern by Fosbas has so much goodness in store! I really think the faux fur of the ball at the tip is a great touch, and with the crochet balls around the brim of this hat, everything is stunning.

A little orange cat with a crochet elf hat made out of red and white tripes with a green brim and a tie under the chin.

Another option for your furry friends is this cat elf hat crochet pattern by Pawsome Crochet. I really love that this hat ties underneath, which gives me hope that it will stay on for longer than three seconds.

A hat that looks like a crochet elf.

The Santa’s Little Holiday Helper Hat by Julivia CA is just so stinking cute! I could see this being a funny holiday gift or something fun for a family photo.

A red and white striped crochet elf hat with a green brim with triangle peaks with jingle bells on top.

The Heartisan Crochet‘s Just Elfin’ Around Hat is adorable! Plus, there’s also a pattern for little elf shoes. This cute crochet pattern is available in sizes newborn to adult, making it perfect for the whole family.

A green crochet elf hat with jingle bells on top and crochet elf ears.

Sport adorable elf ears with this cute crochet elf hat pattern by Crochet Spot Patterns! There are so many jingle bells on this hat that your kids are going to be extra easy to find, without a doubt.

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A Pinterest image with three crochet elf hats, one thats green with two-tails with a gold buckle, one that's purple, blue, and white with a white yarn ball, and one that's extra long with red and green yarn stripes.

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