Standing Crochet Stitch

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The standing crochet stitch is a different way to start a row of crochet.standing Crochet StitchThe standing crochet stitch avoids the slip stitch, chain method of starting.  It is a useful technique to learn and one that is good to have in your crochet toolbox!  You will quickly find projects suited to this start method.

Standing Single Crochet Stitch

All standing crochet stitches start with a slip stitch on the hookstanding crochet stitchNext, just pretend like you are making an ordinary single crochet.Standing Single Crochet StitchAnd voila! A single crochet standing crochet stitch:standing crochet stitchNote that this stitch is exactly as any other single crochet stitch, but it starts with a slip stitch.

Standing Double Crochet Stitch

A standing double crochet stitch starts the same way:  with a slip stitch.  Hold the loop of the slip stitch with your hook holding hand and carefully wrap the yarn over for the double crochet.standing Crochet StitchThe yarn over on the hook might want to move around a bit, but do your best to keep that from happening.  Insert the hook just as you normally would into the next stitch and make a double crochet.Standing Double Crochet StitchNote that this is exactly the same as a normal double crochet stitch except that it starts with a slip stitch.

Other stitches can be worked the same way.  Simply start with a slip stitch and then proceed ‘as normal’ in making the stitch.

Some people prefer to work a standing crochet stitch without a slip stitch start.  To do this, lock down the tension in the working yarn by grasping it firmly in between the 3rd and 4th fingers of your hook holding hand.  Then make the stitch as you normally would.

The next time a patterns calls for a slip stitch and a chain to start, you just might decide to start with a standing crochet stitch instead!

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Standing crochet stitch

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  1. Thank u for this . I had to study it for awhile , then light bulb cut on !! I think I finally got it. I’ll have to do it and see but it looks. And sounds great.
    Luv and Blessings ,. Gina Quarles

  2. Thank you Cheryl. This is one of the things I’ve been meaning to learn for some time but, with Fibromyalgia and it’s “Where shall we hit her today?” attitude, plus flare ups of rheumatoid arthritis in my hooking hand, I often have to just not pick up a hook, it’s just too painful. The frustration when I’m making a gift for someone is enormous! I can’t even get on with whatever my project is at that time, so learning tp new things has taken a bit of a back seat. You’ve made this look so simple I regret not having turned to you before. That’s what I love most about your tutorials, you don’t make a meal of it, just straightforward instructions & a “There you go, but if you need me I’m here.” Perfect! Thank you for all your patterns, and all the work you put into everything you do.