Crochet Slang

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Get a bunch of crocheters together and they’re bound to come up with their own language.  If you’ve spent anytime in an online crochet group, maybe you’ve run across these abbreviations and crochet slang.  Crochet SlangHere’s the lingo you need to know.

Ami – Amigurumi

Bistitchual – Someone who crochets and knits

C2C – Corner to Corner crochet technique

CAL – Crochet-A-Long

CROJO – Crochet Mojo

De-Stash – Reducing the size of your yarn hoard

FO – Finished Object

FOTH – Fresh Off The Hook

Freehand, Freeform, Freestyle – Making a project without a pattern

Frog (Frogging) – “Rip It, Rip It, Rip It”; to rip out rows or rounds

HOTH – Hot Off The Hook

HSPY – Haven’t Started Project Yet

ISO – In Search Of

JAYGO – Join As You Go

JOTH – Just Off The Hook

LYS – Local Yarn Store

MAM – Mile A Minute Afghan

MGBTC – Must Get Back To Crocheting

OCD – Obsessive Crocheting Disorder

PABLE – Pattern Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

Pat/Patt – Pattern

PHD – Projects Half Done

PIGS – Projects in Grocery Sacks

SABLE – Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

STASH – Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden

TALC – Take Along Crochet

TIA – Thanks In Advance

TOAD – Trashed Object Abandoned In Disgust

UFO – Unfinished Object

USO – Unstarted Object

WIP – Work In Progress

WIVSP – Work in Very Slow Progress

YAP – Yet Another Project

Yarn Barf – Tangled mess of yarn (as from the center of a skein)

Yarn Bomb – Crochet or Knit decorative art in a public location

Yarn Chicken – Attempting to finish row/project with last bit of yarn

YART – Yarn Acquisition Road Trip

Did I miss any?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll keep adding to our list!

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  1. I have heard another word: Yarn vomit = yarn barf= tangaled mess of yarn. Don’t know whether this is widely used in US or UK.

  2. What is that awful thick blob of roving-like stuff in the middle of a skein? it always appears only when you haven’t taken the time to rewind the yarn into your own ball or cake. It has to be related to the dreaded knot. What are these yarn-oopses called?