Gorgeous Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns

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If you know someone who is going through some hardships right now, a crochet prayer shawl can be the perfect gift to give them. 

Five different shawl patterns in a collage, one that is multicolored with flower motifs, one that's a triangle rainbow, one that's a pink shell-looking shawl, one the is multicolored and laying on the ground, and one that is all white and drapped across someone's shoulders.

This is a great gift to give someone to remind them that you’re always thinking of them, even if you’re not as close by as you once were.

A prayer shawl gives comfort and expresses care for the recipient whether they are going through a dark time or celebrating something special. It is a hug you can wear. 

Crocheting prayer shawls is an excellent way to give someone that extra bit of warmth, comfort, and support during difficult times in their lives. Sometimes, though, shawls are made to celebrate happy times like a birth or a wedding.

It is more about the intention while you are crocheting. Many crocheters will pray for the person while creating. And if you’re not a religious person, you can repeat a meaningful phrase, song, or mantra as you work, putting loving thoughts and feelings into every special stitch.

Sometimes crocheted prayer shawls are made for someone specific. Other times they are a charity project, donated to a ministry at church, for an unknown someone going through a troubling time.

You really can use any crochet shawl pattern to make a prayer shawl. You can find a free pattern for a comfort shawl, crochet pocket shawl, or even a lap blanket or baby blanket and transform it into a prayer shawl.

Many find it works best when you can find a repetitive stitch pattern that enables you to get into the rhythm and meditative act of crocheting the shawl. Bonus points if it’s a simple stitch pattern as well!

Prayer Shawl Crochet Patterns

While creating these beautiful shawls, you will need to know your basic stitches, so make sure to read up on single crochet stitches, double crochet stitches, and slip stitches.

A triangle shawl with yellow, off white, orange, and red yarn.

When you need a bright and cheerful prayer shawl, Posh Pooch Designs has got your back… literally! I love that this combines that repetitive, soothing pattern with a really fun, beautiful border! This Pattern uses about Five skeins of yarn, so make sure to have plenty on hand! Plus, there’s a video tutorial to help you along your way while crocheting.

Pink shawl drapped around someone's shoulders.

If you’re looking for a repetitive, but beautiful prayer shawl pattern you are going to love this pattern from The Little Bee NZ! Easy to make, and pleasing to the eyes.

Purple, blue, and pink half-circle stitches on a shawl.

Marly Bird knows how to put together an easy but well-designed shawl, and this one is no exception! This is such a beautiful prayer shawl crochet pattern, I especially love all the color changes, you could really pick the receiver’s favorite colors and work them all into this gorgeous pattern.

A pink crochet shawl that looks like it's made out of shells.

I love the shell style of this shawl by Olgapoltava! It takes a bit more concentration but I can’t help but think it is just the perfect size to wrap around yourself for your morning prayers! (There’s really no rule saying you can’t crochet one for yourself!) It’s simply a beautiful piece that will make an amazing handmade gift.

A multicolored shawl that's scrunched in the middle with a book off to the side and a flower laying over the top of it.

I love the combination of dragonfly and lace on this gorgeous crochet shawl by Auburn Craft. I cannot get enough of it! Not too flashy, but just enough to give this special project some fun personality.

A bright and crazy crochet shawl with different colors and flower motifs throughout.

What better way to celebrate the beauty of creation than to crochet this flowery shawl by Spit Spot Crochet! This is another that requires a bit more concentration, but wow… what a show-stopper! Honestly, it’s a bit of a crazy crochet shawl but that somehow makes me love it more. You can also totally go through your yarn stash, using different bits of yarn to make all the flowers as well.

An all grey shawl with pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple strips of color along the end.

I love the perfect combination of a simple pattern with a flashy finish with that wide border in this shawl by The Little Bee NZ. All the rows are slightly different which reminds me that each of us is going through different struggles, and how our prayers, thoughts, and crochet unite us together.

All white, rectangular crochet shawl draped over a women's shoulders.

Who appreciates the simplicity of this shawl by Craft Her Blog? This would be so fun to crochet and that fringe is just the perfect finishing touch. I personally love a rectangular shawl so I am definitely sold on this pattern.

An ombre blue shawl with little dragonfly cut outs within the shawl drapped over the back of a couch.

Another beautiful dragonfly shawl by Auburn Craft! I love the orientation of the stitches on this one and the border is breathtaking! This is one adorable crochet shawl I might have a hard time giving away.

A long, rectangular shawl made with yellow, grey, and black yarn.

I feel like ombre yarn teaches a valuable lesson about embracing change, and Mijo Crochet Designs’ attractive shawl demonstrates that perfectly!

A rainbow crochet shawl with different layers for each color.

This prayer shawl by Wool n Hook reminds me of God’s promise of the rainbow! So colorful and joyful! It would also look lovely in a solid color too if that’s more your style.  Personally, though, the finished design in rainbow is too beautiful to pass up.

A crochet shawl made up of different swirly hexagons in a variety of colors.

Sometimes, life throws a lot of change and “spirals” our way, and this lovely shawl by Change Path Crochet embraces those hardships in this prayer shawl wonderfully! Plus, if you’ve wanted to try out an asymmetrical design, this pattern allows you to be incredibly versatile before you join all of the swirls together.

A large brown shawl drapped across someone's body.

Last but not least, Knot Yourself Out brings us this simple prayer shawl that looks so cozy! This would be a lovely gift that’s fun to crochet!

Frequently Asked Prayer Shawl Questions

What is a Prayer Shawl?

A prayer shawl is a knit or crochet shawl that is made as a gift to someone else. Think of it as a crochet hug, where the crocheter prays and sends good thoughts into the stitches and then gifts it to someone else. It often is given to someone going through tough times in life, but it also can be given on joyous occasions too.

How Do You Crochet A Prayer Shawl?

A prayer shawl is really about the intention of the project.  So any shawl pattern will do. Most people find it easiest to crochet a simple, repetitive pattern so they can pray or think good thoughts while crocheting.  But you certainly can crochet a more complicated design if you wish.

Who Would Be A Recipient of a Prayer Shawl?

You can give a prayer shawl to anyone! So you can make it for someone you know as a friendship shawl, praying and thinking good thoughts for a specific person or intention.  Or you can make it as a charity donation through a shawl ministry where you don’t necessarily know the recipient personally.

What is a Prayer Shawl Used For?

The receiver of the prayer shawl can wear the shawl as an ordinary shawl, knowing that someone lovingly crocheted it while thinking of them and praying. It is meant to give comfort, both physically and emotionally to the wearer.


If you love crochet prayer shawls, you might enjoy these crochet afghans.  Adjust the sizing for a prayer shawl or just crochet an afghan instead to give comfort to someone in need.

1. Crochet Flower Blanket //   2. Crochet Scrap Blanket //   3. Happily Ever Afghan

Do you love these beautiful prayer shawl patterns as much as I do?  I hope you enjoyed this journey through crochet prayer shawls and you found one or more crochet shawl patterns that caught your eye.  The making and giving of crochet prayer shawls is a beautiful practice and a way to spread a little more love around in our world with a simple crochet hook and a loving heart.

I love seeing your finished projects! If you enjoyed making a crochet prayer shawl, I’d love to see yours on Instagram.  If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Crochet 365 Knit Too Facebook page or pop over to the Crochet365KnitToo Club and share a photo!  I’d love to see your work!

A Pinterest image with four crochet prayer shawls, including a rainbow shawl, a purple and green shawl, a white shawl, and a pink shawl.

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  1. These shawls are absolutely beautiful, all of them. I’ve always said I do my best thinking and praying while I crochet. My prayers are for you,Cheryl, during your trying times. Thank you for feeling comfortable enough to open up to us. Even though we do not know each other , you seem like a trusted friend. We have many of the same thoughts and, of course, a love of crochet. Keep well and happy.

  2. Thank you so much, Cheryl, for the beautiful prayer shawl patterns and for explaining what they are. I didnt realize what prayer shawls were, exactly, until I read your wonderful explanation. My best friend from high school, whom I have known for 45 years, had a son who took his life this past summer. I cant think of a better way to express myself to her, as we find it difficult to talk about it. I will be starting a prayer shawl for her today, and will share your explanation with her and she will know why I am giving it to her. She needs the comfort.

  3. Thank you, Cheryl, for this beautiful collection of prayer shawl patterns. We couldn’t want for anything more. My daughter participates in her church prayer shawl ministry so I’m forwarding this email to her and know she will love these patterns. Thanks, Cheryl. God bless you for always bringing fresh and exciting crochet ideas to each of us who can’t seem to get enough new ideas.