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In terms of handmade decorations, crochet Christmas wreath patterns really hold a special place in my heart. No matter the style of someone’s home, you can find an adorable wreath to make that will brighten up the season.

A collage of five crochet Christmas wreath patterns, one is a snowman wrapped in string lights, one looks like a classic wreath, one is a candy can wreath with Santa, reingdeer, gingerbread men, and yarn balls, one that is prodminately green with plasic hollies, leaves, andpine cones, and one that looks like a nativity scene with little buildings.

For a variety of these patterns, you can change up the finishing touches so the finished items look vastly different from each other, allowing you to use the same pattern over and over. As a result, you’ll have a variety of finished wreaths all made with someone special in mind.

Most of these patterns use a variety of basic crochet stitches, so make sure that you know how to work a single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, and slip stitch (sl st). Since these great patterns won’t take a long time to complete, your adorable wreath is just a few steps away!

A white crochet wreath, a reindeer, Santa, holly berries, bells, peppermint candies, crochet hearts, gingerbread men, and candy canes.

I adore this crochet Christmas wreath pattern by RNata! The white yarn of the wreath really highlights the different items. Plus, these patterns are versatile enough that they could be easily turned into cute ornament patterns! The little candy canes and peppermint candies are a favorite of mine in this pattern but there are truly so many elements you can change to give this more of a personal touch.

A candy can wreath with a Santa amigurumi in the center, reindeer, gingerbread men, and little yarn balls.

Another gorgeous wreath by RNata! I really like this candy cane wreath that prominently features Santa Claus in the center. Plus, there’s such a fun variety of wreath ornaments in this pattern that you can really make it your own.

A crochet wreath with braided yarn strands in red, white, and green with three crocheted flowers in red and white.

This adorable wreath by The Pattern Paradise is more on the classic side. I really love the flowers on this crochet wreath pattern, but you can easily change the flowers for a different look. This is also a great pattern if you want to change it up every season as the colors can be easily substituted to reflect the different holidays.

A crochet wreath with a nativity scene, featuring the holy family as well as two buildings.

This amazing crochet wreath is by Lau Loves Crochet, and I love all the detailing that goes into this pattern. This would make a great holiday gift as well as holiday decor in your own home.

A red crochet wreath with two pine trees on either side and a gnome in the center. This gnome has a holly on it's hat and is standing on white yarn that looks like snow.

I love the little bits of yarn that make up the snowballs on Squibberly Rose’s Christmas wreath. Plus, the gnome amigurumi pattern for this wreath can be used in different parts of your home as fun holiday decorations.

An all red crochet wreath with stare buttons and a Christmas tree in the center and little jingles bells for ornaments.

This wreath crochet pattern by Lau Loves Crochet is so adorable. Personally, I love that this pattern has its own mini Christmas tree with its very own jingle bell ornaments. Too cute! Plus, I love how the red yarn really draws your eye to the wreath itself.

A classic crochet wreath with crocheted leaves and a red bow.

This classic holiday wreath by The Turtle Trunk can be made rather quickly and is super cute! If you’re looking for something a little more traditional this holiday season, this pattern is going to be perfect for you.

A wreath with a Santa hat and white yarn fake beard.

Ho Ho Holy cow is this wreath by Highland Hickory Designs adorable! Personally, I love that the fuzzy yarn makes it look like Santa’s beard.

A green crochet wreath with plastic leaves and holy berries as well as real pine cones and little yarn balls.

There’s a lot to love about this wreath pattern by Wow Bag Shop Design. First, I love the combination of crocheted and non-crocheted items such as pine cones and hollies with strips of gold. One benefit is that this really cuts down on your crochet time if you don’t have much time while still resulting in a beautiful, finished project.

A grey crochet wreath with little white dots to simulate snow and two little snowmen under mistletoe in the center of this wreath.

If you’re looking for a festive wreath for newlyweds, this pattern by Little Crochet Emporium would make such a lovely gift!

a crochet nativity scene featuring the holy family and two angels.

This Christmas Nativity Wreath by Jess B Crochet is super cute! I also love when the angels are included in the crochet patterns so I don’t have to hunt down a secondary pattern if I want to include them.

a classic Christmas wreath with individual leaves, holly berries, and four pine cones.

Sometimes you just need a traditional and classy crochet wreath pattern, and that’s exactly what this pattern by Knot My Designs offers. Plus, if you look in the description of the Etsy post, there is also a free version of this wreath if you want to try it first.

A crochet wreath with stripes of red, white, and green, and a large red bow on the top.

K Hook Creations’ Christmas wreath is an awesome crochet wreath if you’re looking for something simplistic. I really love this large red bow as it seems to give this wreath just enough detailing without seeming to go overboard.

A beige crochet wreath, snowflakes, and a snowman tangeled in Christmas lights.

If you want to bring a little more fun into this already cheerful holiday, this Snowy tangle pattern by Live Love Crochet Shaz. Plus, you can really change up the solid color of the wreath itself to really anything to give it more of a personal touch for whoever you’re making this pattern for.

A mini wreath on a coffee cup cozy.

If a full wreath seems a little daunting, these mini wreath cozies by HC Crochets are a great place to start. Plus, they’re simply so cute! This is also another pattern that’s available for free if you look at the summary.

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A Pinterest image featuring a mini wreath cup cozy, a wreath with a snowman tangled in string lights, a green wreath with fake hollies, a classic Christmas wreath, A nativity scene with buildings, and a candy cane wreath with gingerbread men, reindeeer, and yarn balls.

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