We Are Connected Through Crochet

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It strikes me sometimes how alike we are.  This crochet we share.  Yarn flowing through fingers and hook to dreams and beautiful things. We are connected.graphic of hands holding crochet hearts in multiple colors with words "we are connected"And as I sit in my comfortable chair in my peaceful life, I think of other crocheters going through the same motions.  Yarn.  Hook. The rhythm of the thing.  That tiny bit of satisfaction in the heart when something good and wonderful flows off the hook.

As divided as we sometimes feel, I’ve learned that we really are much the same.  We have dreams.  We love our family and friends.  We find joy in the little moments of life.  We cry sometimes.  We fear.  We struggle.

Lately my heart has been hurting.  And maybe yours has too as we see images on our screens.  We pray.  We hope.  There are tears for the brave.  And the scared. We don’t understand the unfairness.  And we wonder what we can do.

I’m talking, of course, about our sisters and brothers in the Ukraine.

I woke up this morning with an entirely different plan for my day and then I saw something small and beautiful.  I wanted to blow on that little ember of goodness and help it spread.  How CAN crocheters help other crocheters?  We can help by helping small crochet business owners in the Ukraine.  We can help by buying cute digital crochet patterns from Ukraine sellers.  We can help by sharing their links across social media so that others can help them too.

You can find Ukraine based sellers a few different ways.

Here are a few shops that caught my eye:

To add more shops, click over to our Crochet 365 Knit Too Club On Facebook and comment in the special post I set up on this topic with a link.

For an even more comprehensive list and other ways crocheters can help Ukraine, check out this post from Pam Grice on 15 Ways To Help Makers in Ukraine.

Remember, if you ever want to support a particular crochet designer or seller in a specific country, you can filter results by country on both Ravelry or Etsy.

Let’s crochet together!